Exploring Houston : Guide On Cool Things To Do In The City

To properly explore Houston and find plenty of cool things to do this weekend you better make sure you start by checking out the Midtownlive's list detailing some of the LIVEliest Houston events ever. These are the festivals, fairs and attractions that offer couples, groups and visitors to the city fantastic fun and entertainment.

For this list we hunted down the extraordinary venues. Places that are chock full of fun, frivolity and folly thick enough to transform a boring day into one of the best days of your life. A mediocre day into a memorable day and turn any so-so evening into a super-charged evening.

Top Tourist Attractions In Houston Tx

The best attractions in Houston
fun attractions near downtown Houston
Houston hot air balloon adventures
Where to ride vintage aircraft in Houston
Top kids attractions in Houston

Houston boat tours

Houston nautical attractions
Sightseeing by boat in Houston

Outdoors in Houston, Texas

Outdoor activities in Houston for thrill seekers
indoors and outdoor sports and activities in and around Houston
Houston parks and recreation activities for residents of all ages
Houston canoe and boat rentals

Festival schedules for Houston Texas

Houston concerts 2012
Free music events Houston

Stuff to explore on Houston weekends

Weekends in Houston Texas
cool Houston Texas events
Places to visit:Downtown Houston Texas

Cheap or free things to do in Houston

Best cheap or free events in Houston
Houston’s best free concerts

Top things to do with a group in Houston

Fun stuff for tweens or teens in Houston

Where to go for fun weekend activities in and around Houston

Exciting stuff to do in Houston on weekends

Places couples hangout on weekends in Houston Texas

Unique places to visit in Houston, Texas

These cool things to do in Houston are not your run of the mill activities. They are all extremely exciting, enjoyable and entertaining places to explore where you can have real adventurers. Everyone who tries them will find something thrilling to experience and come away with memories that will last them a lifetime.

Don’t leave without hitting the MidtownLIVE like button or browsing through our Event Calender. Houston singles and couples will be delighted to find it contains a whole year worth of fairs, festivals and free events in and around Houston that they can attend.

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