Free Events in Houston

All year long you can find plenty of free events in Houston, that your family will find entertaining. When you have more more bills than cash you need some diversions where you can have a good time on the cheap. We specialize in sniffing them out, hunt them down and shout it from the Twitter tops and tell the FB family.

You want to include you too so connect with us on those hangouts and your family will never be bored.

What are some of the things to do in Houston for little or no cash?

  • Houston art exhibits
  • City Parks
  • Live theater performances
  • Museums
  • Classes
  • Films screening
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Houston ship channel tour
  • City sponsored events
  • Get popular audio and videos at no charge

Here's a few other things that we should share with you about searching for free events, before you head out the door.

Free Art Exhibits In Houston

Art surrounds you everywhere you go in Houston. It's not just in museums. It's outdoors on buildings, hanging on walls and for sale inside of some restaurants. It's a community resource that you can see and appreciate at no charge in a variety of places around the city.

  • City of Houston Art Collection
  • CAM-Houston
  • Center for Contemporary Craft

Free Museums In Houston

If you're seeking a cool place to hangout on hot summer days, consider a trip to one of the unique museums we have in Houston. There are some fabulous avant-garde works on display, at local museums that will stir-up the Picasso in you. There are workshops, classes and hands on activities at the museums that will thrill even in the youngest members in your crew.

  • Contemporary Arts Museum
  • Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
  • Children's Museums-(free on Thursdays)
  • Heritage Society Museum
  • Project Row House

Free Films Screening

If you're an oldies but goodies film buff or interested in short films or foreign movies with subtitles, visit any of the venues below where you can always find free film screenings going on.

  • Domy Books
  • Dean's Credit Clothing
  • Rice Media Center
  • Project Row House
  • Museum Of Fine Arts
  • Aurora Picture Show
  • Discovery Green

Free Concerts In Houston

Where in Houston can you catch some of the top names in music performing at shows where you won't have to pay a cent to hear them?

  • Miller Outdoor Theater
  • Discovery Green
  • Jones Plaza
  • Tom Bass Park

Parks and Recreation In Houston

Houston has plenty and parks, green space and recreational opportunities. They feature covered pavilions, plenty of parking and some allow overnight camping. To ensure you can get a decent spot for your family on holidays? Always call and reserve a place in advance.

Houston Parks and Recreation Dept
Harris County Parks
State Parks
Skate Parks
Metropolitan Multi-Service Center ( handicap accessible pools and gym )-West Gray

Where To See Free Theater Performances In Houston

Houstonians love the performing arts as much as they do sports. The local arts alliance host free symphony, ballet and opera performances for the public and prop open the doors to the entire Theater District for a open house each year.

Miller Outdoor Theater
Houston Theater District Open House

Free Classes In Houston

Taking classes can be both entertaining and recreational depending on the subject matter. These free classes in Houston will enrich your mind, body or pocket-book.

  • Pilates class
  • Internet marketing
  • Dance classes
  • African Drumming class

Houston Ship Channel Tour

The port of Houston is one of the busiest deep water ports on the Gulf of Mexico. It's where tankers and marine vessels of all sizes bring goods to the southern part of the United States. You can visit the port and take a free pleasure boat tour, reservations are required.

Attend Gratis Civic Events

Look for the events sponsored by the City of Houston. They host several annual events in front of Houston's city hall and other at other places around the town that don't cost you a cent to attend.

  1. Jones Plaza
  2. Freedom over Texas
  3. Via Colori

How To Get Free Movies and Audio CD's In Houston

If you have an updated library cad you also have access to the entire video, audio and games catalog of the public library, available for checkout, by going to any of the dozens of local branches.

Free Activities In Houston

These 10 aren't the only Free activities in Houston, just some of the top fun stuff you can do.

It would take all summer long, just to tell you all there is to know about each of these splendid places. However you can check the archives on Midtownlive and find plenty of details on any of them.

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