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This Weekend In Houston

A fun thing to do on weekends is visit some of the wildlife attractions in and around Houston. You can spend your weekend hanging out with some of the exotic members of the animal kingdom from anacondas to zebras and everything in between.

5 Wildlife Attractions In Houston

Houston is a place where wildlife attractions feature some of the rarest animals in the world. Creatures from around the globe graze where the deer and the antelope once played. Although, there are still plenty of cattle and horse ranches in Texas. On a few of them the animals that were once part of the rugged western frontier have been replaced by camels, emus and other types of livestock.

Downtown Aquarium In Houston

Despite popular belief, white tigers all white appearance is not a result of them being albinos cats. They are a color morph of the orange Bengal tigers. These unique felines are rarely seen in the wild and only a few hundred or so, are known to be in captivity.

Houston is fortunate to be the home of four white tigers. They are part of a small contingent of animal attractions featuring big cats that are not in a zoo. This fascinating wildlife attraction sea creatures and other dazzling entertainment awaits you at the Downtown Aquarium.

Waugh Bridge Bat Colony

Friday and Saturday evening (a half hour prior to sunset) are a good time to watch the Waugh Bridge free-tail bat Colony the nightly swarm. Texas Parks & Wildlife Department sometimes has bat ambassadors on hand at the local viewing areas to answer questions and other activities.

If you prefer to experience a more formal and informative tour of the bat colony, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership offers monthly viewing as part of their boat tour.

Big Thicket (Texas Big Foot )

Every since settlers began moving into the piney wood of Texas, people have reported encounters and sightings of an elusive hairy creature roaming the deciduous forest. Researchers claim, Big Foot is behind the vocalizations, knocking and strange chatter often heard in the Big Thicket park, and Sam Houston National Forest.

Local folks refer to them as the “wild man”. Sightings have continued into the 21st Century. You can view info about the latest sightings and learn about the marvelous work done by Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy online.

Sea Center Texas

A FUNtastic place to take kids that adults can enjoy too is Sea Center Texas. The main attraction is their 1,000-gallon aquarium with a 14 feet long window with a fisheye view into the world of creatures under the Gulf. It introduces you to the importance of coastal salt marsh where natural debris provide oysters and clams an ideal habitat. You’ll will be amazed with:
  • 250 gallon coral reef aquarium featuring corals, invertebrates and fish
  • 2,200 gallon exhibit depicting Texas’ Gulf Coast bays or estuary systems
  • 5,000-gallon jetty exhibit full of sea creatures

Your family will enjoy looking and learning about aquatic residents of Texas redfish, clown fish and other marine life on display in this man-made watery environment.

These are only a handful of the attractions in and around the Houston area. Each of these are kid-friendly places where children are encouraged to pet, feed and or interact with the exhibits.

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