Race Car and Airplanes Rides in Houston

Team Teaxs race cars

One of the best things about living, working and hanging out in this city is that it's easy to find incredible things to do in Houston. The kind of things that others can only dream about doing in other cities. The short winter season makes for a long list of outdoor activities available for residents and visitors to the city.

Some of the fabulous once in a lifetime adventures that you may have been dreaming of, like riding in a hot air balloon, vintage airplanes and race cars are readily available in Houston. The weather usually permits these activities to be scheduled year-around and operators of these companies are flexible when rescheduling any canceled trips.

Houston Balloon Rides

Their is a sense of romance and a visually stimulating sensation when you're up up and away hot air ballooning. Early Hot air balloons enabled man to achieve the first taste of manned flight in 1783. The modern balloons are able to rise to extreme altitudes and have impeccable safety records.

Houston has several companies that will take you sailing on the balloon flight of your dreams. Their flight packages are similar with short private flights, romantic rides for two and flying lessons if your bold enough to fly on your own. A few of the local companies you can contact are:

Texas Air Adventure
Bear Creak Balloons
Air Texas Balloons

Where To Drive A Real Race Car In Houston

If you or a loved one has a need for speed, you can get the real thrill of a lifetime at several places in Houston where you can drive a real race car around the oval track. This area is home to some of the best known racetracks in NHRA. These local racing outfits offer an opportunity for average Joe's like us to get behind the wheel or ride a few laps in some awesome cars with fast and powerful engines that can reach speeds of more than 150 miles per hour .

You'll get expert instructions and guidance from some of racings best known raceteams like Earnhart Childress Racing and Mario Andretti Racing Experience. It's the ultimate experience for NASCAR fans to be in the driver's seat through The Great American Speedway™ or other race car programs that are available in Houston.

Texas Motor Speedway
Racing Adventures
Texas Driving Experience

Houston Flying Adventures

If your fantasy ride involves vintage aircraft from World War II, a Huey helicopter or a fighter jet it's possible for you to take your dream ride in the beautiful skies over Houston. There are only a handful of the big bombers and nostalgic planes from the Korean War era remaining in the world. This part of Texas is the perfect place for you to get a chance to get onboard and take a flight in one of these marvels of early aviation.

This bygone era of flight is commemorated at the 1940 Air Terminal, near Hobby Airport. They frequently offer opportunities for plane rides in warbirds, Cessna's and other plans as well as a tours of the former airport terminal that's still undergoing restoration. Local companies that offer services to takes passengers for short rides on airplanes in Houston are:

Lone Star Flight Museum

West Houston Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force
Wings Over Houston

Houston Tours and Adventures

There are more of wonderful places that offer flying adventures in Houston, than you could visit in one lifetime. Why not try all of them? You can start with your all time favorite dream ride and then try the rest as time permits. The cost can be a little high on a limited budget, but if you're seeking the ultimate experience, you're ready to throw caution to the wind, so, just do it.

If you want to get more details or schedule one of these fantasy rides you can follow the links to the websites. If you're looking for other incredible adventures in Houston we have information on boating and hiking adventures available here too!

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