Creative Date Ideas For Houston Couples

The realization that it was time for some creative dating ideas sunk in when the shrieking voice belted ”get out of my room”. The words from one of my old favorite songs by the Spinners “I’ll Be Around” sprang into my mind.

There's always a chance
A tiny spark remains,
And sparks turn into flames
And love can burn once again, but I know you know
Whenever you call me, I'll be there

It wasn’t hard to overlook the incident and not take it personal. The stress my partner was experiencing while undergoing cancer treatment can cause a some serious mood swings. Mr. Serious took over my body and started asking a few too many questions about the treatment, thinking that it would be a good way to start a conversation not a fight.

I walked slowly down the hall pass the nurses station before disappearing into the dimly lit elevator.

There are a lot of relationship experts that have books and audio CDs on dating. Once home I began an online search for some killa ideas of what to do on a date.
Anyone who is serious about their relationship needs to have plenty of date ideas on hand at all times. Surefire ways that maximize and enhance the few precious minutes you have to spend with your partner.

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can rack your brain thinking of things to do as a couple or get some help from experts.

Date Ideas From An Expert

Other things you can learn:
  • How to use date nights as a way to enhance a relationship.
  • Techniques that can make your dates fresh and lively.
  • Use themed date ideas to break the monotony of doing the same old stuff.
  • Improve your dating routine

There are a lot of relationship experts that have books and audio CDs on the subject.There was some good info on Ask Men and Cosmopolitan, but what really hit home was information from Micheal Webb. He has been on radio and several TV shows: Oprah, The 700 Club, and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

His tips are really useful for spicing up a dull relationship and includes a some do’s and don’ts of dating. They can add some wow to a regular date.

Things To Do On A Date

We can all benefit from having a few good creative date ideas at our finger tips on how to put together dates that are romantic and memorable.
Things like these ideas.

Idea #1

On your next date to the beach collect driftwood. When you get home, have a quote or I Love (fill in the blank) carved into the wood.

Idea #2

Surprise your partner by stopping by their job and placing a post It on the windshield
saying. Redeem this for a fabulous time at _____ with the time and address of the place for your date.

Idea # 3

During your mates birthday month, why just celebrate the date, celebrate the month. One weekend take her to her favorite park for a picnic, The 2nd weekend take her to the favorite store. For the 3rd weekend a favorite restaurant. The week of their birthday let them pick.

Things To Do In Houston Tx This Weekend

A few other creative ways that I considered to supercharge a weekend date in Houston include:

Murder Mystery Cruise

A fun thing to do on weekends is to go cruising around Clear Lake and Galveston Bay on-board a “Starfleet” yacht for a couple of hours. What makes this trip special is the:

* Gourmet Dinner Buffet
* Murder Mystery Dinner Theater with Audience Participation
* Soft Drinks, Coffee, Tea and Juices

Murder Mystery Theater

You date will be full of fun, thrills, and sing-along songs to keep you laughing and humming long after the evening's over. They are all a part of the alluring events happening at the murder mystery theater in Houston.

Need More date ideas?

This is just a sampling of the kind of creative date ideas that you will come up with once you get your hands on a copy of “300 Creative Dates” and your creative juices start flowing. These ideas on how to enhance a date night came from some of the relationship advice published by Micheal Webb called "The World's Most Romantic Man” by some, author of “300 Creative Dates”. Many of his e-books can be conveniently download to your PC or laptop, click here to preview “300 Creative Dates”.

There are tons of special things couples enjoy doing together. We just don’t get to do them often enough and end up forgetting about them. Everyone can use a few little relationship enhancers like these that can endear you to your spouse, lover or significant other.

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