Romantic Things For Houston Couples To Do

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In a perfect world, there would be a variety of romantic things for Houston couples to do everyday and turning romantic sparks into flames would be free or inexpensive, and the list is printed on the back of every guy’s hand.

I have made it almost that easy for Houston couples by gathering lots of free date ideas, and inexpensive fun places to go for dates that will not empty your wallet.  You may even discover a few things here that will help to  rekindle the passion in a somber marriage with the help from some expert advice on being happily married.

 I’m sure you will find a variety of fun, exciting, and romantic things that you and your loved one will find enjoyable. Anyway, here it goes!

Go on a Walking Tour
 Houston is filled with interesting historical sites and places that are oozing with Texas culcha where you can take self-guided walking tours. “Jesse Jones Park” and “Downtown Houston” in the “Historical District” section are two good starting points.

Share photographs with others. Sign up for a free account online, with Photobucket, Flickr or other free photo sharing sites, then build an online family photo album and upload some of those pictures you have been meaning to share with relatives and old friends. It will save you a ton on postage too.

Organize a Potluck Call up a few other fun loving peeps and have a potluck dinner, break out some playing cards, board games and video games to keep the fun going

Have a Mini-film Festival. Invite some co-worker,family or neighbors over and have them each bring one of their favorite DVDs. You can watch them, have discussions and even rate them.

Take digital photographs. Take out that seldom use digital or SLR camera and hit the road taking pictures of anything you and your sweet thang find interesting.

Call and surprise a few family members/old friends. It could be anyone you haven’t seen nor spoken to in a while We’re always thinking about our old buddies/kinfolk and wondering how they’re doing. Seldom do we take the time to catch up with them. Its a great way to firm up an old relationship. This can and is always a blast.

Have a yard sale. This can be a lucrative way for Houston couples to spend time together as they sort through things, coming across items that are sure to send you both back down memory lane. This also gives Houston couples an excuse to finally clean out the garage. It will be like having a heavy load taken off your shoulders, when you get rid of unwanted stuff from your closets. For our older “still much in love” couples; it's perfect for getting rid of all the children’s old stuff they refused to take with them when they moved out.

Wander around the hood. Grab a couple bottles of water and a few scooby snacks and head out your front door. Go in whichever direction that looks the most interesting.

Go on a bike tour. You probably have a bicycle and a helmet in your garage or closet, then you already have everything you need for some good exercise and good fun. If you don't have a bike Tour de Hood regularly organizes bike tours in Houston, complete with everything you need.

Visit a Botanical Garden in your area. Fragrant flowers are always blooming in one of the dozens of Botanical Gardens in Houston. The best known are in: Hermann Park, Mercer Arboretum and Houston Arboretum .

This list is not written in stone and these aren't the only romantic things for Houston couples to do we have to recommend. It’s just a basic outline to stir up your creativity. We have some other exciting stuff for couples in Houston coming your way real soon.

I don’t expect everyone to find everything on this list fun, “I can think of lots of activities that other’s consider to be fun, that doesn't quite float my boat”. But you will be able to find something here that will strike a chord and resonate with you and your lover. One last tip. You can print this nifty little list out and use it as a romantic activities guide.

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