What's To Do In Houston This Weekend With A Group

Finding fun things to do in Houston this weekend for a group of teenage nieces and nephews is a questionable perk, of being the favorite uncle or aunt. If you have been entrusted with such a task, try these handy suggestion's.

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It’s easier to to get teens excited about anything you have planned for them, if you allow them some input.You don’t have to worry about your plans getting side tracked by rain or other inclement weather with this handy list that contains 5 cool things to do indoors and 5 awesome outdoor activities too!

5 Things To Do With Teens in Houston Indoors


The Shotgun Falls, Thunder Run, Stingray Racer are just a few of the thrilling water features at the Houston area water park. Kids will enjoy challenging each other as the race down slides, relax on tubes and chill-lax in the cool of the bubbling water.

Almeda Skate Rink

The night time place to be for teens that like to get thier roll on is local skating rinks. Almeda Skate Center is a popular place for the teens from all over Houston. They have crunk DJ’s and one of the best wood floors in the city where youth can roll, bounce and jam!

Hangout at Kemah Boardwalk

Your gang will get kick out of the speedboat, wooden roller coaster and
other exciting rides and other amusements at the boardwalk. They have all day passes for the rides and opportunity for shopping, dinning and The Boardwalk Inn if you decide to stay till the sun comes up.

Cockrell Butterfly Garden

What makes the butterfly garden a very unique experience for a group of teens is how it forces them to slow down and literally smell the flowers. The variety of plants and insects waiting to be discovered in the glass encased garden will give them something to talk about for a long time.

Tour City Hall

The focal points of any city starts with it’s old majestic buildings. The city halls and county courthouses in the United States are examples of early classic American architecture built using the raw material and craftsmanship from their regions. Marble, brass and steel are combined to give Houston’s City Hall a stately appearance. All you have to do is make your reservations by phone or online a couple of weeks in advance to secure a spot for your group. Online reservations are available too.

These suggestions are helpful things to do with groups of any age. You can trek to any of these Houston attractions everyday for a week with a your group and still find something new and different to do each day.

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