5 Fun Things To Do In Downtown Houston

You can enjoy our latest list of things to do in downtown Houston with your family without emptying your wallet. You’ll be able to have some fun in the sun, time to chill out while burning a few calories in the process.

The are plenty of interesting places in this huge city that you can explore alone or visit them through one of Houston’s guided tour companies.
These insider tips will give you enough factoids to go freestyle and enjoy yourself, without getting lost.

Cool Places To Visit In Downtown Houston

  • Tunnel System
  • Shops At The Park
  • City Hall
  • Aquarium in Houston
  • Metro Light Rail

The Downtown Tunnel System

Visitors, residents and downtown workers love walking the tunnels in good and bad weather. You can enter them through most of the businesses on Main street and various points in between.

There are more than 6 miles of underground tunnels connecting dozens of downtown’s buildings.

Beneath the streets of the city is another layer of commerce beckoning to be traversed.
Look for the big maps along the passageways to keep you heading in the right direction. Refer to them frequently, or risk getting lost and walking in circles. Try starting your tunnel tour from The Shops at Houston Center and venture toward City Hall.

Shops at Houston Center

It’s not a huge mall, but it has a broad range of eclectic shopping and dinning establishments to explore. They are mainly small stores and shops where you can grab a t-shirt, a bite to eat or maybe some batteries for your digital camera.

The multi-level center has a some spectacular views of the city’s skyline and the street life below. Their food court is always a good place to chill out and plan the rest of your sightseeing tour.

Houston City Hall

One of the things tourist love to do is visit the seats of government in the U.S. Houston center of power operates out of a magnificently adorned City Hall. Take a few minutes before you enter it’s specially cast aluminum doors to examine the grill work above the main entrances. Try and see how many of the great lawgivers, Akhenaten, Julius Caesar, Moses, Charlemagne, King John and Thomas Jefferson you can recognize.

The design and character of the rotunda screams southern hospitality and its guided tour will magnify that same feeling. Tours of Houston's City Hall are conducted on weekdays and they don’t charge you a dime for them. All you have to do is make your reservations by phone or online a couple of weeks in advance.

Houston Aquarium

A few blocks away from City Hall is the Houston Aquarium. It’s a lot more the than just a huge 500,000-gallon aquatic wonderland. It has a full-service restaurant, an upscale bar, a splendid ballroom.

Their white tiger exhibit is one of the main features at the Houston attraction. The magnificent playful felines are awesome up close. It’s rare to catch a glimpse of these mythical creatures these in the wild and it’s well worth a trip to the downtown Aquarium to see them.

Metrorail Train

Taking a short ride on the light rail train in Houston can be a marvelous way to discover some hidden shopping and dinning gems in the city. You have to purchase a train ticket from the machines on any of the platforms prior to boarding the train or from the main Metro office on Main st.

You want to you hitch a ride heading south from downtown toward the Texas Medical Center. If go north and you’ll be at the end after 1 or 2 stops. The sleek modern electric trains zooms past lots of nifty shops and eateries that you can come back and explore on your next trip to the downtown area.

More Things To Do In Downtown Houston

It’s amazing how fast a big city grows and changes. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been to downtown Houston, on each excursion you can find something interesting and exciting going on, around each bend and turn of it’s streets.

New shops, restaurants and other businesses buzzing with life are always been added to the economic landscape of the downturn district. These new comers are seeking to lure,captivate and enchant us or at least get us to leave behind some of our deniro.

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