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The crowds at attractions in Houston during Memorial Day Weekend are small and friendly. It marks the beginning of summer for this part of Texas. And when the doors start swinging open to some of the nation's best attractions, festivities and concerts.

Among them are Space Center Houston, Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Children's Museum, Health Museum and the Houston Zoo. They're are more than just fun places to take children in Houston.

 Houston museums are creative environments filled with informal learning activities which can lead to eye-opening experiences.

Space Center Houston

What sets NASA, Johnson Space Center, Space Center Houston apart from other attractions is that it takes you into the realms of outer-space and the unknown.

To clear up the thing about all of the different names look at it this way. Space Center Houston is the visitors center at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

It offers tours of mission control and other areas where the astronauts train.

A tram tour of the Johnson Space Center facilities.

Interactive exhibits and themed area for kids that make learning about space and the manned space flight program fun.

Houston Museum of Natural Science


The science museum in Houston is a huge place where you could lose yourself on a hot summer day. It includes:
  • Imax Theater
  • Planetarium
  • Paleontology hall

You can discover the past of the indigenous peoples of this continent in the Hall of the Americas. Two more outstanding features of HMNS are the Cockrell Butterfly Center and the huge telescope panning the Texas sky at the George Observatory.

Children's Museum

The children's museum in Houston is a lot more than just an attraction for kids it's a learning laboratory for children of all ages, and a favorite destination for birthday parties. There are always special exhibits on:

New Years

The CMH delivers science, math and history and other subjects in a fun, kid-friendly environment that challenges kids to make use of their critical thinking skills and learn with an investigative, positive attitude.

They excel in math-based informal learning activities and creative after school programming.

Museum of Health and Science

MHMS encourages everyone to take an interest in healthier lifestyles, fitness and good mental and spiritual health.

The museum has several popular permanent exhibits and seasonal learning centers.
  • Amazing Body Pavilion and You: The Exhibit
  • McGovern 4D Theater
  • Sue Trammell Whitfield Gallery

Houston Zoo

The zoo in Houston is an amazing place where you can do more than just look at animals. You'll find some fantastic and fun things for adults and children to do there including:
  • Animal experiences
  • Bird Exhibits
  • Wildlife carousels

You can bring items you have found in nature to the Houston Zoo and trade them for natural items in their collection.

They also offer unique opportunities for visitors to participate in some incredible behind the scene activities.

  1. Overnights at the Zoo
  2. Evenings at The Houston Zoo
  3. After hour tours

Adults who are serious animal lovers can take part in the Safari Central Travel Program. It's an exciting and affordable way to explore exotic destinations and observe wild creatures up close in their natural habitat. Other adult programs include:

  • Global Projects
  • Conservation events
  • Speaker Series

These places are just a few of the top attraction's in Houston Texas.

If you want to see more fun stuff to do in Houston with children, follow the links below or tell us about your favorite Houston attraction.

Space Center Houston
Museum of Health and Science

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