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The best events in Houston this weekend or anytime you are looking to have a little fun, seem to have some common denominators. In addition to being entertaining, enriching and enjoyable they are usually taking place in and around Midtown Houston, at a museum, community theater, a festival or farmers market.

What seems to make these H-town (Houston) venues special are their location and the dedication to the professions and crafts by the participants. They are deemed the go-to places that Houston couples frequent when they just positively, absolutely want to have a great time.

Houston Museums

If you want to have a fantastic time this weekend then you may want to visit any one of the dozen of museums in and around Midtown Houston. Don’t limit your trip to just the well known larger museums. Stop in one or two of these lesser known historical treasurer houses.

Museum Of Printing History
1324 West Clay Street,

Buffalo Soldiers Museum
1834 Southmore Boulevard

Houston Museum Of African American Culture
4807 Caroline Street

The Weather Museum
5104 Caroline Street

Your visit will be a pleasant eye opening experience. They all have plenty of rare and exquisite items for you to see as well as interactive activities like workshops and classes. These museums strive to be places where families can have some hands-on fun and feel free to get dirty and involved.

Houston Community Theater

The city has lots of playhouses, theaters with small performance venues that a do a great job of providing a well-rounded selection of theatrical performances durinig weekends in Houston. They are small intimate arenas with seats that get you so close to the stage you can hear the actors breathing.

Community theater is the new Off-Broadway. In the past few years they have been the launching pad for some of the the top shows that were eventually selected to headline Broadway including the recent smash Memphis. Here are the must-see local theaters companies:

Ensemble Theater HITS Unicorn Theatre
Stages Playhouse 1960
Teatro Biling├╝e de Houston Theatre Southwest
Encore Theater Theatre Suburbia
Fort Bend Unhinged Productions
UpStage Theatre

We all have a friend, family members or a co-worker who aspires to be a director, playwright, set builder or answer to curtain calls. When you visit these fabulous local theaters you are showing them you support this piece of their dream.

Festivals in Houston

Year-round Space City (Houston) plays host to an innumerable amount of festivals. Some celebrate traditional themes like, Christmas, July 4th, and Music. Others seem to be slick marketing tools contrived to get us to part with a few of our dollars. In either case, all of them can be a great deal of fun to attend.

The memorable festivals are usually those that are community based. Here are a few of the popular events in Houston to look at for.

  • Via Colori
  • Crosby Zydeco Festivals
  • Spring Crawfish Festival
  • Houston International Festival
  • Renaissance Festival
  • Juneteenth
  • Greek Festival

Local Farmer’s Market

Houston couples are always on the hunt for bargains and best food for their families. They are major players in creating a resurgence of  Farmer’s Markets. I know you’re probably wondering how much entertainment value can a shopping at a farmer’s market possibly have? “Au contraire mon frere” (On the contrary, my brother) don’t forget Texans will use any excuse to throw a party.

These markets are partnering with other exciting events and entertainment like a sommelier pairs fine wine for a meal. Recent farmer's markets included:

Friday Farmers Market and Movie Night

Held at Agnes Moffit Park this market featured moonwalk, Zoo Mobile and music from Houston Community College Northwest Choir.

Downtown Farmers Market & Movie Night Series
Downtown Houston @ City Hall

Tour De Farmer’s Market
An incredibly  fun 8 to 12 mile long bike tour  via side streets, trails and residential roads that swings by 3 to 5 markets around the city.      

Midtown Houston Farmer’s Market
Held in the parking lot of a local restaurant, it’s paired with family-friendly cooking classes featuring dishes using fresh produce from the market.

The 21st Century version of the farmer’s market are as diverse as the modern farmers who are often urban-dwellers that are raise a small quantity of various crops using hydroponics on a few hundred feet of land or few acres inside the city limits.


The days when the best events in Houston on weekends  were occasions for getting dressed up and sitting in miles of traffic trying to get into the Downtown District is fading fast. There are so many incredible activities happening within a short walk or bike ride from your front door, no matter where you live.

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