Hot Air Ballon Rides In Houston

One of the surprisingly affordable things to do in Houston are the hot air balloon rides available just about any day of the week for people who are looking for a free spirited air adventure. The flights are a delightful way to mark a special occasion or create a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

Instead of just dreaming about getting some airtime here's some valuable information on how you can join the list of people who stopped dreaming and took it to the next level and did it.

Balloon Tours

Some companies offer a balloon tour that's centered around viewing scenic and wooded areas where you can get an awesome overhead view of lakes streams and wildlife. You float and drift aimlessly treetop high which gives you a birdseye view of city life and Mother Earth below.

Your tour can be done by personal request or one that's designed by the hot air balloon company. Flight usually begin in the mornings when the breeze is still soft and gentle. A typical ride will last about 30 minutes to and hour, but the fabulous sensations of floating on the wind will be with you forever.

Riding Hot Air Balloons

A ride in a hot air balloon begins with getting the huge balloon inflated and tethered before you climb into the gondola. There is a chase crew on the ground that will follow the entire route. Hot air ballooning is among one of the most sought after experiences, it was even included in the Houston Chronicle's Top 20 Gifts.

Here's my top 10 reasons to take a ride in a balloon.

Celebrate a 50Th birthday
Commemorate retirement
Special gift for your best friend
Recognizing accomplishing a personal goal
Fulfil one of the things on your wish list
Have a special family outing
Mark any birthday
celebrate an anniversary
Have some fun on a vacation
See Houston from a different perspective

Hot Air Balloon Flights

You have to make reservations in advance for any balloon flight whether you want to take a trip on the weekend or a short jaunt during the week. You should come dressed in comfortable attire. I suggest long pants and sneakers, open toe sandals and flip flops are not the best choices for this kind of adventure.

The beauty of your hot air balloon ride can be captured on film, many of the tour operators will provide details and assist in getting those unique photo ops for you. You can take a romantic and casual rides for two or bring the whole family along for a group flight.

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