Cool Stuff To Do During A Visit To Houston

There is always a wide array of the fun stuff you can do in Houston, whether it is the middle of the week are on a laid back weekend. The Space City is an awesome place with urban sprawl, suburbia, and remnants of it’s rural history blending together to create the largest city in the South.

We have put together some info to help you find out where you can go in Houston to participate in your favorite leisure time activities. Just about every recreational activity and attraction under the sun is located in city's metro area.

Here is our short list of exciting and fun ways for you, your friends and family to enjoy your downtime or next visit to the city.

Workout At Houston Recreation Center
Take a Boat Tour of Port Of Houston
Indoor Rock Wall Climbing
Attend A Sporting Event
Visit Lake Livingston Dam

Visit Houston Recreation Center For Fun Or A Workout

The city Parks and Recreation Department facilities are so well equipped, clean and top notch that local pro athletes, semi-pros and amateurs can be found hanging out together at the tennis courts, swimming pools, hike and bike trails.

For a day of energizing, exercising and excitement, drop in for a friendly game of basketball, an aerobic exercise class or participate in a variety of other calorie burning pursuits at one of these Houston Recreation Centers.

Memorial Park
Fonde Recreation Center
Judson Robinson Park
West Grey Rec Center.(adaptive sports programs and activities for disabled or rehabilitating persons )

Take A Boat Tour On Port Of Houston

Some of the favorite places to spend hot days is catching the cool breeze as it blows across local rivers, lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. The Port Of Houston is an often overlooked waterway in the community.

It provided more than just jobs to the area. They have free boat tours of the port during the week.
The hour long tour is conducted in the comfort of a air conditioned cabin. You can take along three or four friends with you, but you need to call ahead for reservations.

It will leave you a hole new perspective of stuff to do in the city as you discover the important role this region has as a major player in the export and import industry.

Indoor Rock Wall Gym In Houston

Big kids, little kids and old kids like building and improving their physical stamina. You can spend an entire weekend in Houston climbing on things around the city. The best starting point is an indoor rock wall gym. Then you can escape to the outdoors and move on to other challenges like the steep banks of Buffalo Bayou, a few of the trees at Hermann Park or for a more difficult obstacle visit Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

Houston also has rock climbing, caving/spelunking groups and clubs that you can connect with and share incredible adventures into nature.

Attend Houston Semi-pro Sports Events

Houston reigns as a an incredible place for for fans to spectate and participate in sports. It has hosted the Super Bowl, World Series, and All-Star games. If you are passionate about attending a sporting event in Houston, remember in addition to well known the major league baseball NBA and NFL teams in the city, there are world class soccer and hockey teams too.

Elite athletes from all over the world also compete in popular semi-pro events in Houston including rodeos, football and basketball leagues.

Visit Lake Livingston Dam

A short hour drive from Houston is the Lake Livingston Dam. It harnesses water from its 83,000 acre reservoir, the largest lake in Texas constructed to provide a supply of water for municipalities in the region.

The continuous release of water from the dam maintains a more than adequate flow of water for boating, paddling and other recreational activities on the lake year-round.

The water is clean and generally clear as it flows over a sandy bottom. It supports an abundance of alligator gar, carp, catfish and other wildlife. The shores are lined with scenic natural views of hardwoods and thickets that dominate the Texas outdoors. The best way to take advantage of the hunting and fishing around the dam is by using local guide services familiar with Lake Livingston and Trinity River area.

These are just a handful of the adventures and stuff to do in Houston on any given weekend. To make sure you have a pleasant time trekking around the city we have included a few helpful links.
If you didn’t find what you were looking for try some of the other cool thngs on our list of things to do.

Things to do
Things to do with a group
Stuff for couples to do in Houston

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