Traveling Around Houston This Week

Even when your ability to travel around Houston is hampered by transportation woes, there are plenty of things you can do. Don’t let lack of a vehicle or a ailing car or truck sideline your social life. There are lots of places that are within walking distance of a bus stop or Metrorail train stop where you can have a good time.

After sifting through a long list of restaurants, sports stadiums and entertainment venues we have a new list for you. We are highlighting some of events and places that you can still enjoy even when you don’t have access to an automobile. They are all easily accessible by hitching a ride using public transportation, taxi or other forms of travel.

10 Places To Visit In Houston

Galveston Boardwalk
Downtown Houston
Art Exhibit
Job Fair
Texas State Park
Buffalo Bayou
George R Brown Convention Center
Festival In Houston
Health Fair


Galveston Beach

There is a Greyhound bus that will take you to Galveston beach where you can fish, swim or just soak up some sun. It’s a great way to travel to the beach with a group of friends and not have to worry about a designated driver.

Job Fair

Houston Job Fair Calender

A frugal and smart way to get more bang for your buck when you are job searching or thinking about switching careers,is to attend as many job fairs as possible. They are the best places to connect with several potential employers at one time without traveling all over town.

George R. Brown Convention Center

The Brown Convention Center is located downtown and can be accessed by local bus. The Metrorail train will take you within walking distance, 5 or 6 scenic blocks from the George R.Brown. It is home to the Houston hall of Fame and there is always something interesting happening at the convention center.

Downtown Houston

Downtown District

If you plan on taking a trip to downtown Houston you may want to consider using the light rail, Metrorial train. There is plenty of shopping and dinning available there, and it will save you on trying to find parking.

Art Car Museum

Art Museums in Houston

This Houston landmark houses some of the unique art cars from the city’s annual Art Car parades, and host other types of art installations too.

Houston Sports Stadium- Toyota center

Houston Tours

You can take guided tours of the sports stadiums in Houston, Toyota Center, Minute Maid and Reliant in Houston.

Lake Livingston State Park

Texas Outdoor Family Program

The good folks from the Texas Parks and wildlife department host a weekend training session that will show you how to pitch a tent, make a campfire and fun stuff to enjoy the great Texas outdoors.

Buffalo Bayou

Boat tours

There are several Houston boat tours that cover history, wildlife viewing and the port that will get you up close and personal with the waterway that gave birth to the nation’s fourth largest city.

festival in Houston

Houston Festival Guide

With so many festivals themes from music to books you can find one on tap for Houston just about any month of the year. Take a look at this list of local festivals.

health fair

Health Fair

Staying healthy is always a challenge for individuals and families. You can get the latest tips and up to date information by attending a community health fair. Here’s a some of the places the Harris County Hospital district are holding health fairs in your neighborhood.

Getting Around Houston

There may be a few places in and around Houston you travel to that are a mile or more from a bus stop, consider making the trip using a combination of bus and bike. Just bring along your bike and store it on the convenient bike rack while you are on the bus. When you get off, you can peddle the remaining leg of the journey.

Many of the places that people rate as the city’s best are often those that are convenient to reach by car, public transportation and don't forget about the Greyhound bus. Now that you have this awesome list of places to go there is no excuse for not having a good time this week. It’s really up you, to get off the couch and hangout with your old friends or meet a few new peeps.

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