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Houston Art has earned a place on center stage. It's no coincidence that many of the finest galleries and museums in the Southwest just happen to be in our area. There is a phenomenal group of art collectors, museum directors and collections of paintings and sculptures located in and around Houston.

The art and the institutions are not just places for the elite. They are resources available to you and I, to enrich, enhance and inspire every member of the community. It's amazing to watch the embers ignite in the eyes of children when they begin to see, really see, art as more than a superficial form of expression.

Some of the best place to find great art exhibits in Houston are in some of the smaller museums and art Galleries in Houston. These museums often specialize in a specific type of art. Here's a few of them you may want to check out for yourself:

Pearl Fincher Museum
The Art Car Museum
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
Art League of Houston
Lawndale Art Center
Orange Show
Rice Gallery
The Gite Gallery
Project Row Houses
Texas Southern University
the Black Heritage Gallery
Shirley Ann's Black Art & Kollectibiles

What really contributes most to the success of Houston art programs is involvement. You can participate in programs here whether you're an art enthusiast, novice or someone who likes looking at pretty pictures.

Take the time to visit some of the many homes of art in Houston. The depth and variety found in Houston art museums, galleries and exhibits make it easy to find something that will suit your individual taste in art.
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