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Houston art will engage your senses whether you prefer abstract, modern or fantasy art. A trip to any of the dozens of art galleries is one of the cool things to do in Houston that will stimulate your mind, body and spirit.
We herald the big exhibits in the museum district, but there are literally hundreds of other art spaces where world-class art installations can be discovered in Houston.

These small cozy Houston galleries are the ideal places to take art classes in Houston, purchase art and view unique one of a kind exhibits. Project Row House and Gite Gallery are just some of the better known places in Midtown Houston to buy, exhibit and become entranced with Houston art.

Incredible Micro-sculptures

A recent art exhibition in Houston featured micro-sculptures by Willard Wigans. A skilled and gifted artist that hails from Birmingham, England. Willard creates art small enough to sit in the eye of a needle.

Wigans' works requires precision sculpting,painting and creativity just to find tools and mediums. He said in a recent appearance at Emancipation Park in Houston that he's sculpted a grain of sand and used a single hair from his eyebrow to paint a micro-sculpture.

Unique Exhibits In Houston

Houston exhibits represent far more than just artistic talent. You can see an exhibit of rarely viewed African American photographs from pictures taken during segregation in Houston or the imaginative exhibits containing art cars.

I recently enjoyed an exhibit about the 2006 strike in Houston by janitorial workers. It helped to established a new pay scale for workers that for most of the 20th century were amongst the lowest paid in America.

The exhibit contains photo archives and actual newspaper accounts of the struggle under taken by thousands of mothers, daughters and aunts that banded together to weather the long hard fought battle for livable wages. The brightly colored flags, pots, and other tools used by the protesters are part of the exhibit that chronicles the 2006 event.

Isn't it ironic that janitors and not the Federal government are the only ones who can claim success at cleaning up corporate America. They tackle a job that few people want, but never will they see mega-million dollar salaries that corporate execs take home unless they hit the Texas Lottery.

Project Row House The Intersection Of Life And Art

If you have never visited Project Row House, October is an ideal month to add some face time with the artist, exhibits and what's happening at this forward thinking Houston organization on your schedule. They are more than just an art space.They apply art to life and add life to art.

Supporters of Houston art are invited to Third Ward by PRH. Every October they celebrate the anniversary of their after school and young mothers programs with a gala and other events that bring artist, residents and the community together. They introduce world-class art to the masses using non-traditional avenues, oral history, interactive pot-luck dinners, and abstract art.

The organization is one of the city's change agent. PRH sponsors a variety of programs that combine arts and cultural education mixed in with a little community development and historic preservation. Project Row House has taken old buildings and given them new life, young mothers and prepared them a better life and enhanced an old community with a fresh, new look.

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