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Taking classes in Houston can be fun if you're learning something new or just enhancing your skill set. There are a handful of places where you can get interactive Web 2.0 style training.

Houston Community College
Leisure Learning Center
Houston Public Library

All of these places offer classes you can take outside of a traditional classroom settings.

Not only will you save a few bucks, it'll tighten-up the computer and professional skills that can help you get to the next level of success. I've got the scoop on 5 fantastic places where you can enroll in classes in Houston, that won't bore you to death, while you acquire some fresh skills to:

Learn how to put together killa Powerpoints
Create and publish web pages
Find out what Social Media is all about
Up-grade your professionals skills
Learn the latest computer language

I've mentioned a couple of the places already, but here's the whole list. In the next post I'll give you more details about some of their courses, the instructors and what I've learned from them.

5 Cool Places To Take Classes In Houston

Houston Community College
Their classes are tailored for professional development, skill gaps, and other training you need to bring you up to speed in your industry.

Houston Public Library
Free Classes that will help you learn some basic computer skills and advanced techniques for Microsoft products like Power Point and Excel.

Leisure Learning
Learn to incorporate text, graphics, links, and interactivity into web pages on the Internet so all the world can see your handiwork.

UH-Small Business Center
Get the hands-on training you need to stay abreast of the ever changing technology you need as a Houston business owner.
They are always using seminars and classes to show savvy women new cool things that they can do to make hanging-out online easier, smarter and definitely more interesting.

When you attend classes in Houston, at these places, you'll be pleasantly surprise with how much knowledge you'll come away with at the end of the small information packed sessions.

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