Houston Art Exhibit-Cool Globes

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I have 5 good reason why you should take the time to carefully check out the current art installation in Discovery Green.

There are 50 super-sized globes scattered around the downtown park? The exhibit is officially known as Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet.

Here's a 5 good reasons that you need to check-out this unique exhibit.

  • They carry a timely message about what ordinary citizens like you and I can do to combat global warming.
  • They can inspire individuals and community leaders with ideas on how to create a cooler planet.
  • Houston is one of only a handful of cities where these unique pieces of art will be displayed.
  • They are nearing the end of their Houston appearance.
  • They also hold clues on them that could win you a trip to Switzerland.
The Houston art exhibit will end in a few more days. The Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet will then head to Geneva, Switzerland.

Visit the Cool Globes official website to find out more details on how to participate in the contest and win that trip to see them in Switzerland!

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