Houston Weekend-Hanging-out In Downtown Houston

People in Houston's Discovery Green
Houston weekends are perfect for just hanging out. One of the liveliest places to visit in any Texas city is the downtown area. Downtown Houston is no exception. Here is my list of 5 things that you can do that will make downtime in the downtown district fun.

Take Wedding Or Family Photos
Sample The Houston Cuisine
Visit The Farmer's Green Market
Take Your Dog for a Romp in The Park
Enjoy A Free Movie Or Music

The Downtown Green Market

When it comes to fresh fruits, vegetables and organic food the Downtown Green Market is the place you can find something for even the most discriminating taste-buds. The vendors are local merchants that come to the market on weekends to hawk their wares.

You can find locally produced honey, goat cheese, hand-crafted items, homemade pies, sweets and healthy treats for Fido too. These modern day farmers, bakers and candle stick makers are worthy of my...your...our support.

Capturing Houston's Mega-Beauty On Camera

There are buildings that represent some of the best known architectural styles in the downtown district. Art Deco, glass and granite skyscrapers and neo-Gothic structures. You could spend a whole day just gawking at the architectural features that bear a variety of symbolism from European cultures. In the district you'll see gargoyles, inscriptions, stone banding and decorative brickwork of bygone eras.
Photo At Houston Fountain

If you're not into buildings you can take pictures of the historical places, statues or the art work, that abound inside many of the buildings and on the streets of Houston.

You can try out that new camera or put an old one to good use by turning the dozen or so spouting, glistening and shimmering fountains and waterfalls on just about every major street into dramatic backdrops for some updated photos of you and the kids.

Great Texas Cuisine

Bring your appetite and you won't be disappointed by the broad selection of cuisine available in downtown Houston. You can find Cajun/Creole, Vietnamese, Cuban, Chinese and just about any other food that you may think you want to eat.

Bayou Place
Houston Center
The Tunnel
Allen's Landing
Discovery Green

If you are near any of these places you'll be able to follow your nose to some of the best food in town. You can eat at one of the greasy spoon restaurants, hot dog carts or enjoy a fine dining experiences at an award winning restaurant, all within the confines of downtown Houston.

Take Your Dog For A Romp In A Park

This city is home to two Westminster Kennel Club champions, Stump and J.R., the amazing Bichon Frise. And it's full of proud animal lovers that love to show them off at area doggy parks. Bring your furry friends out and about because there a several parks in downtown where the both of you can slow your roll, sit back, relax and feel the vibes that emanate from the peaceful surroundings.

Tranquility Park
Old City Hall Clock Plaza
Sam Houston Park
Sesquicentennial Park
Tranquility Park

The newest addition to the greenspace in Houston, Discovery Green is a pet friendly park. You will have to keep you dog on a leash, but your pet is always welcome at their events in Houston.

Enjoy Free Movie Or Music

Nighttime is the right time to come downtown. You'll avoid the fierce humidity and scorching heat of the Houston summer. Most nights it's easy to find a free movie or concert downtown.

Free screenings of some of the best short films and independent movies can be enjoyed at Dean's Credit Clothing, near the north end of Main St. You can also hear live music, buy local art and sift through old clothes.

The fact that the Angelika Film Center doesn't look like your typical megaplex movie theater, is perhaps why it's a favorite place for local movie buffs to hangout in downtown.

Discovery Green has you covered if you're a fan of old movies. They sponsor Downtown and A Movie Series. You can watch classic movies like Young Frankenstein, Planes Trains & Automobiles and other cinema favorites. In the cool of the evening they break-out a big, huge, Texas-size screen and let everyone chill on the lush green lawns, kick back in a chair or their favorite picnic blanket to watch the show.

More Fun Things To Do Downtown

Now if that's not enough stuff to fill your Houston weekend? Head to Midtown Houston and do a freestyle Houston tour of the hip urban community. It's only a short Metrotrain ride away, to enough diversions to fill a weekend list of things to do, until it's over flowing.

There are also more ideas on fun things to do in Houston weekend:Downtown. It's choked full of other FUNtastic stuff you can get into while hanging out in downtown.

Later next week, I'll fill in more details about the places that offer classes in Houston that are way cooler than ye old school rooms. But for now it's the weekend baby, give your brain trust a little R & R.

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