Houston Weekend: Downtown Houston

man sitting in Shops at Houston Center

If you want a Houston Weekend with lots of bang for your bucks? Head to downtown Houston. The weekend is an ideal time to pay a visit to some of the city's best shops, parks and other venues. Most of all, it's not nearly as crowded then. And you'll find lots of cool,fun things to do every Saturday and Sunday in the Houston's Downtown District.

Discovery Green

This huge greenspace sits smack dab in the front door of the George R Brown Convention Center, one of the busiest convention centers in the state. It's lake, restaurant and sound stages are places where you'll find friendly locals kicking back and enjoying the tranquil ambiance, oblivious to the traffic snarls in plain view.

The park offers plenty things to do on the weekends. It could be something as useful as a bike repair workshop, yoga in the park or the incredible edibles for sale at the Farmers market on Sunday mornings.

Shops At Houston Center

When you go into the heart of any city's downtown a visit to the specialty shops is a necessity. You got to pay a homage to the merchants who work in the comfortable shops at Houston Center.

You can travel by escalator, tunnel or access the businesses from street level by entering on McKinney St. The Houston Center houses plenty of places to spread the wealth. There is a tailor shop, several jewelers and ample places where you can grab a quick sub, a helping of Tex-Mex or eat more chickun at Chick-Fil-A.

Bayou Place

One, must see point in downtown Houston, are the attractions, diversions and activities at Bayou Place. There are enough things to do in this dynamic urban entertainment hub to capture everyone's fancy. During the day you can beat the heat by walking through the Aquarium, catching a movie or enjoying one of the many great dinning options.

The Aquarium is not just a mega fish tank, it includes a restaurant and amusement park rolled into one. It has activities for the whole family to enjoy. You can spend a few hours watching the fish, or a whole day at their Sea Safari camp.

They offer a Zoologist for a day program, or if you just can't pull yourself away from all of the excitement, an overnight adventure.

You can pack a ton of fun into a Houston weekend if you spend it downtown. That's not to say that you can't get your groove on all over the city. I'm just saying, the Downtown District is a great place to hunt and fish.

Hunt for bargains and eat some of the freshest fish in town, that is.

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