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Houston tours are always one of the fun things to do if you enjoy sightseeing. You can experience Art & Architecture Walks, Lifestyles of Houston's Rich & Famous, a Spiritual Journey and other interesting places through exciting tours in Houston. These guided tours are wonderful adventures that will reveal little known facets of the South's largest metroplex.

Downtown Houston's Tunnel & Rail Tour

Houston has a tour that takes you into the tunnel system downtown and on the Metrorail. It's an upclose look beneath the streets of Houston to acquaint you with the city's underground.

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Houston homes generally don't have basements, but in downtown Houston there is an intricate system of tunnels that serve as a hub to interconnect the glass and steel skyscrapers.

The excursion starts out with a leisurely walk through the air-conditioned tunnels, where you can visit specialty shops and eatery's. Then you' ll get a chance to hitch a ride on the modern electric trains that shuttles Houstonians between downtown and the Texas Medical Center.

Museum Tours

The train takes you to the museum district in Midtown Houston, where you can see worldclass art and science exhibits on display all year long, before heading back downtown to end the tour.

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If you're looking for fun things to do in Houston this week, contact Discover Houston to get more details about the trip to the tunnel and train or any of the the unique local tours in Houston.

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