Things To Do In And Around Midtown Houston

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Desperate housewives scrambling past tightly packed groups of people, hoping to find the last few gifts on their list of things to do in Houston are risking run-ins with irate shoppers, who always procrastinate till the last shopping days are just about over.

Why not get-out your trusty laptop and check out some of the great gifts for men that are available on-line.

I've found a few gifts that will give that hard to please person on your gift list something to talk about for years to come.

The Three Ultimate Gifts

If either of the three wise men had come bearing one of these as a gift, he would have been as lucky as Rudolph and had his name written down in history.

On my wish list and I'm sure a couple of other folks too, is a tour of Houston, by air. Helicopter Services Inc has a 30 minute "discovery flight" that is really reasonable and would earn some of the bragging rights I've lost during the past year, firmly back in my hands.

Houston By Water

If Houston's iffy weather warms-up enough I could savor the flavor of chilled wine, while kicking back on the 117 foot luxury yacht, the FantaSea. It's that big white boat that offers elegant cruises from Clear Lake to Galveston that are long enough to enjoy and short enough to keep you from losing your land legs.

Houston By Air

On second thought, Houston by air has always been my favorite view of the city.

A slow ride in a hot air balloon might just be the perfect vantage point to get a thrill that will last for a lifetime.

The sensation of flying higher than birds, close to the tops of trees, over lakes and streams, spotting wildlife and other ground-bound travelers from a swaying gondola, has to be exhilarating and inspiring.

If you really want to make a lasting impression, give a guy any of these unique items and he'll have the ultimate "bragging rights to die for" gift.


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