Things To See In Haunted Downtown Houston-Oct 2008

haunted tree in Houston tx

It's time to breakout those old costumes, flashlights and tricks or treats, for Halloween. If you're finding it difficult to get into the spirit of this age old holiday, then you need to visit a few haunted hangouts in downtown Houston.

Discover Houston's timely tour, Ghost Walk, takes you to places with ghostly hauntings from the past, complete with tales about the paranormal experiences in and around some of Houston's oldest and best known landmarks.

The tour reveals well kept secrets about wayward spirits from the Civil War, The Federal Building and the the Hanging Oak, where during the days of the Texas Republic, close to a dozen criminals are said to have met the swift hand of Texas justice.

Some of the stories of haunted Houston are not from our rural past. Other known haunted sites in downtown Houston include, the public library, the Eperson Building and the Alley Theater, where in the 1980's it's managing director, was found dead in her office in the wee hours of the morning.

The tours begin at around 6 pm at the Spaghetti Warehouse and features paranormal pointers to prepare you for an upclose and personal chance encounter with any spooky Space City spirits.

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