Discounts And Free Days At The Houston Zoo

Smart families get discounts for the Houston Zoo or visit on free days. One of the result of recent belt tightening is that now the Houston Zoo is free to the public on fewer holidays.

There are still a few excellent opportunity for budget conscious professionals to take their family to enjoy exciting encounters with the more than 4000 critters at the Houston attraction.

Here is the list of holidays that the Houston Zoo is still free to the public:
Columbus Day
Friday after Thanksgiving
New Years Day
President’s Day

Citypass Discounts For The Houston Zoo

If you want to get a discount pass for the Houston zoo that has the best bang for your buck, purchase a Houston Citypass booklet. It will not only get you into the zoo, it contains tickets to 5 other fabulous attractions in Houston.

Space Center Houston
Downtown Aquarium
Houston Museum of Natural Science
The Childrens Museum of Houston
George Historical Ranch
The Health Museum

Houston Zoo Exhibits

On holidays in Houston the special exhibit at the zoo aren't free. Holiday visitors have to spend a few dollars here and there to enjoy everything the zoo has to offer.

It’s are well worth spending a few extra bucks so you and the kids can enjoy, explore and experience the top notch exhibits especially these favorites.

  • The miniature locomotive

  • Call Of The Wild Speaker Series

  • Animal experiences

  • Dinosaurs

During the holidays the hours at the zoo are from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Just in case the place gets overcrowded and they shutoff admissions, it’s recommended that you get their early

The Miniature Train

Near the entrance to the Houston Zoo is the railway station for a miniature train. It takes riders
on a slow roll through Herman park. You have probaly heard iit’s authentic sounding whistle blowing to shoo the furry and feathered residents of the park off the tracks as they go about their daily routines.

A ride on the train will cost you $2.25 a ticket. It takes you on a short ride around Herman Park, and the lake.

Call Of The Wild Speaker Series

This year the lecture series will feature an evening of scrumptious eats and breathtaking photographic treats. Hear first-hand stories from conservationist about their battles to help save the magnificent wildlife on the planet for future generations.

Animal Experiences

You and your family should participate in the unique animal experiences available at the Houston Zoo. There’s big cat training, breakfast with the animals and twilight at the zoo. Each of these are opportunities to for closer involvement with a variety of the incredible animals in the 55 acre zoo garden.

Each individual program has a special price and requires a reservation and payment in advance of your zoo visit.

Dinosaur Exhibit At Zoo

This year’s biggest attraction in Houston has to be the dinosaurs at the zoo. These huge animated reptiles move, roar and seem to be almost alive.

Some of the prehistoric creatures on display at the zoo are:
Parasaurolophus Egg Nest
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Zoo Discounts

What makes the Citypass Houston zoo discounts valuable are that they cut the cost of the regular tickets nearly in half. You’ll be able to skip most ticket lines, leaving more time for you and your family to enjoy, explore and experience the fantastic Houston attractions in the booklet.

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