Reliant Stadium Houston July 2009

circus peformers

In July Houston's Reliant Stadium will be the place where you can catch some of the hottest summer events in Houston. Jamie Foxx, Gold Cup Soccer and the Mari Jon Filla Student Art Exhibit teams up with one of the best Houston dog shows.

Jamie Foxx At Reliant Stadium

Jamie Foxx the American actor, stand-up comedian, and singer is one of the top acts opening in Houston's reliant stadium. The Academy Award-winning, multi-talented entertainer's latest disc, "Intuition," introduces fans and listeners to a contemporary sounding Foxx. It's slightly different from the steady diet of soulful comedic and musical throwbacks that he normally channels in his works.

The Circus Visits Houston July 2009

Children of all ages will be delighted, dazzled and down right happy as Reliant Stadium plays host from July 15-26 to the circus. Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey present "Over the Top" the 138th Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey shows.

Houston audiences can get free tickets and discounts for circus performances by registering for their Baby’s First Circus. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Baby’s First Circus program is for parents of newborns, up to 12 months old. The first ticket is on the house to help them celebrate their very first circus.

Enjoy beautiful white tigers, majestic Asian elephants and thrilling acrobats from around the world at the greatest circus in the world. The chills, thrills, and excitement in a family oriented setting is one of the pleasures that Circus-goers can appreciate and enjoy.

Gold Cup Soccer Championships In Reliant Park

Gold Cup competition is presented by the association's football championship of North America, Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF). The popular soccer competition has flourished and the tournament is well respected, supported and has hard fought for spots that will lift the winners on to the next level of competition. The USA and Mexico have hosted the tourneys and both of them have won the competition 4 times each.

This year's Reliant Stadium competition features two of the top teams in the world.
Mexico and Panama...This year marks first time Nicaragua has ever qualified for the CONCACAF Gold Cup.
In preparation for their debut, Nicaragua has headed to Brazil for friendlies against several top clubs. Friday, Nicaragua lost to Fluminense 3-0.

Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows
dog with frisbee

July 16-19 2009
Houston dog owners can participate in practical clinics on dog health, grooming and training when Houston's Reliant Center opens it's doors to one of the finest indoor dog shows in America. Prospective pet owners in Houston can attend a Meet the Breed seminar to learn how how to find the perfect pet for you.

While attending the Reliant Stadium event you can take in the Mari Jon Filla Student Art Exhibit and buy dog goodies galore. Some of the dog competition that will take place include breed judging and obedience. Houston dog lovers will discover dogs racing over obstacle courses, flyball teams hurdling to beat the clock, and four-footed athletes catching Frisbees and dancing to music.


Eddy said...

The Reliant arena show was rocking. I had a blast, I was so happy with the seats that we got. I could see everything. Did you get good seats?

Writeonbro said...

My favorite event is when the animals walk from the train to the stadium.

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