Space Center Houston

family touring space center Houston

Every family visiting Space Center Houston plan to see and do as much as possible without going broke. To save money and time you can purchase a Houston CityPASS online. It'll keep your crew from ending up hot and frustrated, because they wasted their time standing in long lines waiting to get a ticket.

Houston CityPASS saves you big bucks (over $30.00) and puts tickets to 6 fantastic places to visit in Houston in your hand.

Space Center Houston
Downntown Aquarium
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston Zoo
The Chidrens Museum of Houston
George Historical Ranch
The Health Museum

Space Center Houston

No place on earth addresses space travel like the exhibits at Space Center Houston. Your family will appreciate getting to peak inside several classified areas that will give them a historical and futuristic look at manned space flight.

The Space Center has a variety of exhibits to edu-tain you about man's adventures in outter space. It has theaters, galleries and a module everybody loves, that simulates life onboard the International Space Station.

Kids are enthralled by the Mockup Space Vehicle Facility and the Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park. Some of the other components of the tours your family will enjoy are:

Mission control tour.
A tram tour of the JSC facilities.
Interactive exhibits and about the manned space program

Mission Control Tour

This unique Houston attraction provides tours of some of the actual working areas where astronauts train from upcoming missions.

It's high tech equipment allows them to see activities happening at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in space and other NASA facilities around the country.

Skylab Space Station

Components from the original Skylab Space Station were recovered and are now on display at Space Center Houston.

Other equpiment includes a versitile Rocket Pack that snaps onto the space suits. It's is what allowed astronauts to fly freely around space while outside of the space capsule!

Other parts of the Space Center displays that your family will enjoy are:

Astronaut Gallery
Feel of Space
Kids Space Place

Access to Space Center Houston's multitude of permanent exhibits, attractions, and theatres are all available using the Houston CityPASS plus you'll save money on tickets to 5 other must-see attractions without the hassel of waiting in long lines everywhere you go.

SCH always has something fresh and new created exclusively so visitors can get up close to some of the massive history-making machines used for manned space flight.

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