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We want to share some information about Houston, Texas that you should remember the next time you are feeling bored or in need of some excitement in your life.  We highly reccommend doing these things the next time you have  family or friends visiting from out of town.

Most people we meet say they have a tough time trying to decide what to do there are so many opportunities to be a part of events, daytrips and tours happening in Houston every day, week month and throughout the year.

  Believe it or not it a few well known facts about
H-town includes that it is  constantly mentioned at the top of the pack when it come to places to live, work and recreational opportunities.

One of the things that has built the city’s reputation beginning as far back as the 1960’s, was the availability of exciting, entertaining and enriching sporting events in the Space City. Before there was a “Rumble in the Jungle” or the “Thrilla in Manila”, Muhammad Ali fought several of his championship fights in Houston.

Plus Houston has always been a place that world-class athletes, musicians and actors proudly called home. There are at-least 69 former Olympians born in Houston, Texas and a lot more than that that have trained and settled here along the way.

Even for the non-athletic types, there are plenty of cool comfortable places you can kick back like Kemah and Clear Lake.

The cosmopolitan area is home to one of the nation's’ largest concentrations of sailboats, yachts and pleasure craft and considered to be boating's "Third Coast".

The Gulf of Mexico is a hop skip and jump (less than 70 miles) from the Big-H. Its beaches and waters are reviled for hosting some of the best surfing, diving and fishing experiences available on the Gulf Coast.

Offshore and Inshore fishing is a favorite past time for Houstonians and Texans who fish for sport and for food.

With great weather year-around and the ample supply of marine life they get in more than 9 million days fishing each year.

Outdoor Activities

There are over a million acres of lakes and 80,000 miles of rivers, streams and bayous in Texas and many have paddling trails that run through the city for canoes and kayaks.

The Addicks, Barker and Lake Livingston dams and other waterways are welcoming to residents and visitors who may want to explore them for floating, food or fun. Fishermen enjoy catching several edible species of fish in and around Houston area.
large-mouth bass,
white bass
various species of catfish

Haven't gotten your sea legs yet? Then you and your crew of may want to try out some of the land-based fun activities happening on the 345-mile bike trail network which allows you to pedal your way around the area.

Houston's outdoor recreation is anchored by a large urban bikeway network that spans across the city providing access to over 500,000 square miles within the city area.

If you want to move at a slower pace checking out the scenery at local parks which offer an additional 95 more miles of hike and bike and nature trails may be your speed.

10 Fun Things To Do in Houston

We have barely scratched the surface of all of the fun things you can do in and around Houston. Here is a look at an abbreviated list of  the stuff people can do to keep from becoming bored.

Hike and Bike Trails
Water Sports
Disc Golf
Sports League
Sporting Events
Hot Air Balloon Rides
Walking Tours
Swim/Water aerobics class

This short list is just the tip of the iceberg of what's happening around town and the large variety of  different things you can do in Houston.  We recommend that anyone who is super bored that really wants to have an action packed day,  try participating in all of these activities in a single day. 

Parks and Recreation

The folks running Houston parks and recreation dept deserve a " big fist bump" . They have charge over more than 65,076 acres of recreational space with beaucoup tennis courts, basketball courts and playing fields.  Most of them are in great condition with a friendly staff and a full range of services that can put the clamps on any big'ol boredom monsters.

Both Harris County and City of Houston parks are always named amongst the favored places for more than just running,  jumping and playing. They often hold free concerts, movies, plays and other events.
If you prefer to watching sports than participating in them you’ll be delighted to know that Houston is always near the top of the list when big time sporting events are looking for a venue.

Houston Sporting Events

H-town sports legends have a large fan  base and the teams calling the city home include :

Former National League Champion Houston Astros

• The two-time world-champion Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association

• The Houston Dynamo soccer team — 2006 and 2007 MLS Cup Champions

• Energy, 2000-2002 champions of the Women’s Professional Football

• Houston Aeros, 2003 American Hockey League champions

Houston Takers of the American Basketball Association;

Bay Area Toros of the Continental Baseball League.

Houston Gunners a semi-pro football team comprised of public safety personnel

Here's a little more information about Houston, Texas that you can mull over anytime you are looking for something to Bragg about.

The city has hosted the 2004 Major League Baseball All-Star Game
Super Bowl XXXVIII
2005 World Series
the 2005 Big 12 Football Championship
the 2006 NBA All-Star Game
the Tennis Masters Cup in 2003 and 2004
the 2010 MLS All-Star game
the road to the final four including the 2011 NCAA Final Four

With that much action available how in the world can anyone find time to be bored. If by chance you still didn't find something on this list for you to do, check out our Houston events calendar for more enriching, exciting events.

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