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If you are searching for useful information about Houston for your next visit you have come to the right place. You can use our handy mobile-friendly Guide To Houston or this four part post to get started exploring the place affectionately called "Space City. Texas".

Facts About Houston Cultural Activities

Houston has more than 500 cultural, visual and performing arts organizations. There are more than 90 venues devoted to multicultural and minority art which provides visitors a unique cultural balance between contemporary works and the classics.

There is always plenty of live dramatic and musical theater to experience in Houston. The Alley and Ensemble are two of the nations most notable theater companies.

The Alley is one of the country's three oldest resident theaters while The Ensemble is the largest African-American professional theater company in the U S. Other groundbreaking artistic projects include:

Shunya Theater Houston's premier South Asian theater troupe!

The exciting Gente de Teatro which entertains the Houston community through the passion and emotions of Spanish and Latin American theater.

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Travel In And Around Houston

From catching taxis to riding trains here’s the scoop on getting around in the nation's’ 4th largest city.

Discounts On Things To Do In Houston

Get discounted tickets for your family or group at the zoo, museums and other fun places to visit in Houston.

Fairs And Festivals

Each year the city host to some of the top art, film and book festivals in the country. We have got the details on them, just for you.

Fun Places In Houston

Take a look at these cool places where you can experience a funky good time H-town- style.

Daytrips And Getaways

Here is a list of the some of the family friendly, exciting things to do around town.

Vacationing in Houston

There are plenty of fantastic things you can do when you visit the city on vacation. You can get started with this list containing some of them.

Now that you are armed with firsthand information about Houston, you will be able to properly explore and experience the bayou city. Both your emotions and intellect will be challenged as you encounter the past, present, and discover the future. Local residents are friendly and quick to display their Southern hospitality so don’t hesitate to ask for directions or other questions during your journey.

FYI (Weather Conditions)

The city is 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico which provides the area with a marine or semi-tropical climate that does a fickle dance. On any given day the weather can have a large variation in the range of the daily temperatures. It is notorious for quickly changing from hot and steamy into a flash flood.

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