Stuff To Do In Houston Tx

We have compile this handy preview of some of the fun stuff to do in Houston Tx all year long.

We touch on everything from getting your feet wet in one of the largest urban wildlife refuges in the United States to places to catch avant-garde films that are good for your soul.
These activities are what groups, couples and visitors in the city like to do when they positively, absolutely want to have a good time.

Armand Bayou Nature Center

Houston Tours

This urban wildlife refuge has amorous settings for couples to hike, bike and explore. To see the beauty of the nature center’s wetlands ask about their pontoon boat tour, or a guided canoe tour

Houston Downtown Attractions

Attractions in Downtown Houston

This ultra-modern designed facility is idyllic for a chic, hip and amorous day or night in Downtown Houston. It’ home to one of Houston’s best live music venues, Verizon Wireless and the Texas version of the world famous Hard Rock Cafe.

Houston center for Photography building

Attractions in Houston

Delight an amateur shutterbug by exposing them to the Houston Center for Photography’s cutting edge exhibitions, workshops and outreach programs. Admission to the center is free. Their events are affordable and many are open to the general public and members.

Houston Air Terminal museum

Houston Air Museum

This Houston attraction has some cool stuff for couples to do, vintage aircraft flights and other exciting events. Their retro looking building is the former home of the Houston Municipal Airport.

couple walking

Attractions in Houston

Houston has plenty of stuff couples can see and do together. You can get discounts on some of these attractions that couples in Houston enjoy attending during their leisure time .

Houston art center

Houston Art

Houston has plenty of stuff couples can see and do for quality togetherness that will feed their creative spirits. One of the best is participating in the eclectic array of classes, workshops and exhibits available through the art center in Midtown Houston.

Frescoes in Houston

Byzantine Chapel Museum In Houston

The museum has some of the city’s most visually stimulating works of art. The ambiance of the chapel and magnificent art can turn your partners warm, fuzzy feelings into a heat alert..

People in wooded area

Outdoor Attractions in Houston

A romantic outdoor adventure at the arboretum can turn the sparks in your relationship into flames that burn like a wild fire.

People attending event at Aurora

Aurora Picture Show

For laid back date take your partner to one of the cozy cinematic experiences, unique special events, or avant-garde film festivals at the Aurora Picture Show.

People attending event at Aurora

What's Happening This Weekend In Houston

When you're not sure what you want to do, you can use this list of fun stuff to do in Houston that we highly recommend you checkout.

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