10 Must-visit Houston Attractions - Places For Couples

During our hunt for discounts on Houston attractions to share with our visitors we noticed that some of the places that couples once frequented have changed their concepts over the years. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that places that are noisy, crowded and gender dominated are not places where both mates can really feel comfortable and at ease.

No guy wants to spend a weekend loafing around bridal shows, just as no women wants to get stuck lugging a tackle box around a gun and rod show.

So we went to work to pinpoint some of the best things to do this summer in Houston. If you are planning an outing with your spouse take a look at our updated collection of fascinating places we recommend.

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Art and Culture Exhibits

If you and your partner consider yourselves cinema buffs or art lovers ? You will really enjoy attending a video salon, film screenings and photo festivals in Houston.
Here are some of the places you can find them.

Houston Center for Photography
Aurora Picture Show
Contemporary Arts Museum-Houston

You will have an opportunity to not only see new works, but afterwards, participate in lively discussions, critiques and reviews of new media and films.

Outdoor Activities

Check out these Houston outdoors attractions if you’re looking for weekend boat tours in Houston, self guided or guided nature tours.

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center
Armand Bayou Nature Center

They have special events that include incredible opportunities for couples to interact in unique ways with the habitats including wine and dine events, after dark tours and educational lectures.

10 Hot Places For Couples In Houston

Here's our complete list of Houston attractions that couples and families will enjoy.

Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum –
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston -
Armand Bayou Nature Center -
Bayou Place -
Houston Center for Photography -
The Jung Center of Houston -
Lawndale Art Center -
Auroa Picture Show -
The Rothko Chapel
Houston Arboretum and Nature Center -

Many of these attractions in Houston encourage couples and families to become members or supporters of their organizations. It's worth considering if you want a chance to make input into their future growth and development and establish camaraderie with other like-minded stake-holders of the community.

These are the venues we recommend for young lovers, married couples and newly weds to visit when they positively, absolutely want to have a good time together.

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