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Pontoon tour boat in Houston
Every Houston weekend from now until late winter is a good time for a fabulous getaway on a boat tour in Houston. Busy professionals need QT (quality time) to escape into the peaceful beauty of nature to contemplate, relax and enjoy life. If you could enrich, educate and entertain your family, friends or just yourself in the process, that would be a two'fer, right. Try this!

For a fun outdoor adventure on a weekend try one of the Boat Tours In Houston. There are some unforgettable local destinations that you, your family or group will enjoy during local boat tours, especially the one at the Armand Bayou Nature Center. It's open during the week, but Saturday and Sundays are my favorite days to visit this local ecological treasure.

Armand Bayou Nature Center

The natural beauty of the area is awesome and it's one of the few remaining places in the U.S. where you can experience wetlands, prairie and forest. These ecosystems are essential to preserving Houston's rich biodiversity. The ANC is the perfect setting for a fun interactive outdoor experience in nature on a weekend.

You can take your pick from guided canoe tours, pontoon boat tours, nighttime adventures and other exciting activities that are regularly scheduled things to do, at the Armand Nature Center.

Boat Cruises

The "Bayou Ranger" takes visitors on a boat tour in Houston, on a cruise down one of the tributaries of Armand Bayou. The pontoon boat offers unique opportunities to view local wildlife doing their thang. You could put together a private cruise for your friends, family or a group; Or come and meet some new folks on the cruises scheduled on most Saturdays.

There is a morning boat tour that provides a early view of whats happening down on the bayou before noon. A nocturnal tour in the nature center will yield a whole new crew of creatures, out and about in the woods.

Guided Canoe Adventures

The guided canoe trips at the center, travel the slow drifting backwaters of Armand Bayou Nature Center. It's a calm, leisurely way to spend a fall morning. The canoe tour provides ample time for wildlife watching, wetland education, relaxation and fun.

The watery tour is a pleasurable experience that gives you plenty of physical exercise paddling your canoe along, while enjoying the peace and beauty of nature.

Moonlight Cruise

When your daytime, things to do list, is full or the Houston sun keeps you inside until after sunset when it has completed it's westward trek, you can still find plenty to see, hear and do at the Armand Nature Center.

You'll hear the chorus of frog songs and owl calls. Your eyes will do quick scans and squint to see the workers on the night shift, raccoons, opossums, nutria, deer, owls, snakes, turtles and alligators, along the bayou. Their body color and slow quiet movements makes it easy for them to blend into the wooded background at night.

The tranquil ride on the pontoon boat at night, adds its own character that magnifies the beauty, ambiance and excitement of the forest after dark.

Planning Your Adventure

Take a look at the Armand Nature Center calendar to get a complete listing of the exact dates, times and phone numbers for any of these activities and lots more that deserve a place on that busy schedule of yours. The ANC makes it nice and easy for you plan your boat tour in Houston with reservations by phone or in person.

If you plan your Houston weekend ahead of time, you'll never run out of places to go or things to do that will educate, entertain and enrich the lives of you, your family and friends through fun outdoor excursions. You'll easily become known as the go to person anytime your family wants to have a great time on a fabulous getaway in Houston.

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