What's Happening This Weekend In Houston

greens at Houston farmers market

A smart way to improve your favorite dish is by using locally harvested ingredients. You'll love their taste because they excel in freshness and flavor. Saturday is your chance to purchase fresh produce, organic coffee, hand made chocolates, cut flowers and other genuine local products in Midtown Houston.

With the declining availability of fossil energy pushing food prices higher, sourcing as much food as possible from local growers has become a favorite choice for local chef's and restaurants. Come out and support Houston growers who are putting the home back in homegrown.

Everyone is hip to the twelve days of Christmas, but have you checked out The "Twelve Ways of Christmas." Romantic Christmas, Military Christmas, Family Christmas are just a few of them .

The Ensemble Theater has assembled a talented cast to present them in a delightful play that captures the music and spirit of the celebration.

I've heard it said that we all have a book in us, but if you're the kind of person who has a musical in you, that you would like to write, The Ensemble Theater has just the thing for you.

Carlton Leake, Playwright and Musical Director of The Twelve Ways of Christmas has a workshop coming up entitled How to Write a Musical and Audition It.

Reverend Carlton Leake is also a producer, composer, writer, director and musician He has written music and lyrics of several theatrical musicals including Black Men: Live Again, Corretta The Other Side of the Dream and the Vietnam soldier story, Two Wars.


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