Free Events In Houston This Weekend

people viewing art at CAMHouston

What's a guy to do on a pre-Christmas weekend in a mega-tropolis like Houston, plenty? One of the best free things to do in Houston is check out some of Houston's world-class museums. With weather that's so unpredictable weekend schedules deserve room for rainy days, so I'm penciling-in the Contemporary Art Museum's latest exhibit from Stephanie Syjuco: Total Fabrication for good measure.

The artist tackles an eclectic mix of subject and mediums from bootlegged videos to counterfeit remnants of the Berlin Wall that will make go, ummmh. Especially, once you internalize the exhibits theme's, examining the realities of objects with fictional identities and histories.

Syjuco has exhibited a global counterfeiting project at art spaces in Beijing, Manila, and Istanbul. Her Houston exhibit speaks volumes on the reality of how we constantly invent narratives about ourselves and things and others.


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