Cool Events in Houston This Weekend

car decorated with xmas lights

If you dread wasting your valuable time to find just the right place to chill out after a hectic week at work, then take look at the delightful social events I've faved, to pop-in on this weekend.

East End Christmas Weekend Event

The Orange Show kicks their entertainment quotient up a notch to host the "East End Christmas" it's a dual celebration, a toy drive for the hood and the signal for the Orange Show winter hiatus.

Lots of Latin-flavored merriment is slated for the festive occasion live mariachis, banging low riders and Texas' own Pancho Claus. You too will enjoy this mini-block party, celebrating the Christmas holiday's the "East End" way.

Sam Houston Park Candlelight Tour

Candles light the pathways to the brightly decorated homes in Sam Houston Park. Each of the historic dwellings are outfitted to portray a different era in Houston's past.

If you long for chestnuts roasting on an open fire and the sound of carolers, this event is as close as you can get to an old-fashion Christmas without a time machine.

With 46 years of tours under their belt, the "Heritage Society Candlelight Tours" have become a Houston tradition. The tours take you back in time to the simpler era, the golden age before retailers monopolized holidays, before Christmas became Xmas, back in the day when people got busy in their workshops and parlors to craft special gifts for each other.

Holiday Light Tour

It's good to know I'm not the only person that enjoys the way the Downtown District gets decked out in lights, for the Christmas season. Rather than rubber-necking down each street this year, why not join other sightseers on Discover Houston's "Holiday Light Tour."

Their merry adventure takes you on a guided foot, trolley and Metro-rail journey, to get an up-close look at the beautifully adorned Christmas trees and creative light arrangement in several lavishly decorated downtown buildings.

InterActive Theater

If I can delay putting Christmas decoration on the house for a few more days, I can opt-in for big-time fun from some home-grown theater.

I've been planning to check-out the Talento Biling├╝e de Houston theater for awhile. A little backstory on why I feel a connection with them, they're located in Guadalupe Plaza Park, you should remember the place I'm talking about (it's that big building near the Alamo Tamale House on Navigation). The city has spent plenty of our tax dollars over the years, trying to keep from tearing that building down.

The chic, hip and talented thespians at Interactive Theater who are known for their masterful artistic collaborations and unique multi-cultural programming have a couple of shows on stage that'll pour another cup of cheer into the joyful spirit of this holiday season.

Here Comes Santa Claus and The Boy Who Would Be Santa are bound to stimulate enough warm fuzzy feelings, to lighten even the heaviest load from any workaholics week of stress.

These are just a handful of the cool events that are taking place this weekend. Just a click away, on the Midtown Live "Concert Calender" on the right , there are details on an inspirational Christian concert and other great music or try the list of "Unique Museums" that call Houston home.


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