10 Tips That Will Boost Your Business Networking Results

The best way to connecting and exchanging ideas with other professionals is through business networking. An effective networker is always on the lookout for opportunities and is the first one to give service and add value to others. These valuable networking tips will hep you take your relationship building skills to the next level if you heed them.

They were gleaned from online resources written by two experts in their field "Master Networker" George Fraser and Dr Ivan Misner, who some consider the "Father of modern networking". They are two of the thought leaders who have helped shape the new market paradigm of pursuing global business opportunities.

Tips For Networking Success

Networking is not about looking for innocent bystanders to steam roll, with your sales pitch. You should be trying to find people who are good fits for your personal network, operational network and strategic network.

Screen networking groups before you join and associate yourself with those where your niche market makes up a large percentage of the membership.

Make a plan, focus, be consistent.

Develop a strong quick pitch, that tells others what you are marketing, who's your target market, and what kind of results they can expect to achieve.

"When you understand exactly what business networking is and step up to the challenge, you'll find avenues of opportunity that you may have otherwise never discovered and you will be making an invaluable investment in the steady growth of your business" Dr Ivan Misner.

Creating Winning Business Relationships

"Love, give, serve, add value, then watch what comes back" George Fraser.

Effective networking is about connecting with individuals, so follow-up after you receive a business card or contact information.

Networking will improve your ability to build a business that's competitive and offers value to your customers, community and city.

To be a networking superstar look for opportunities to create a synergy that adds a special value to your relationships, so that you can create a win-win situation.

Business networking is a strategic process and you need to bring something of value to the table, if you want to connect with other business professionals and have them refer you to their contacts.

Networking Organizations

One of the advantages of being a member of a business networking organization is obtaining access to top-notch seminars, workshops and symposiums. They are excellent sources for hearing first hand from other professionals how they are dealing with some of the same challenges that you are facing.

It's imperative to have, develop and master networking skills. Once you learn the techniques and the best practices to mine your market consistently apply them, it will translate into better opportunities for you and your business.
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