Houston Networking

In Houston networking we don't have to look far to find the right professionals who are willing to guide us to new opportunities, help us get our foot in the door or get a handle on who's who in Houston business. There's a short info-packed seminar that's designed to give Houston business professionals the 411 on how to get the inside scoop on the latest deals, better market intelligence and sound sales advice on your market.

Taking time to attend "Build Your Network" is an ideal way to fast track your company's growth. It's a small group session that's limited to 20 people. Everyone will leave with sound and actionable steps on connecting with the shakers and movers in Houston. It's filled with potent topics, tips and tricks about the art of the deal in Houston.

Business Networking

There's a hotbed of activity in this market for companies that offer product and services for the chemical industry, the energy sector and hospitals. To put you on point, you'll be briefed about some of the city's best business networking opportunities. Houston Business Journal developed this seminar so local businessmen can get expert help to steer them up the results chart as well as learn about "Houston's leading deal makers and their companies".

Networking Skills

You can count on your networking skills improving after the HBJ seminar, with winning techniques for using archives to learn about your prospects, clients and competitors. Your ability to gather and analyze market intel will improve and increase when you learn about some of the new sources for data that are revealed during the hour long session.

We all could use new business connections, more sources for leads and smarter ways to mine our markets that will translate into better opportunities for our businesses.

Managing Sales Cycles

To help your sales explode there's valuable information about sales strategies that can guide you to better performance. You'll get revelations on weekly sales strategies that are extremely useful in setting realistic sales objectives and goals.

You'll have more insight, with steps that can improve your bottom-line. It'll be easier to sell methodically and curb the amount of time you spend "chasing rainbows", the big deals that slow your profits down because you're stuck in their long drawn out sales cycles, that's gobbling up a lot of your valuable time.

The vital knowledge you'll gain will contribute to your success in Houston networking. Today's economic conditions call for agressive ideas to build a successful business and Houston Business Journals "Build Your Network Seminar" will give you the edge on your competition in any industry. Most of all at the end of the evening, your business skills and abilities will have been bumped up a notch and you'll be in a better position to grow your business.

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