7 Places In Houston For Skinny Dipping

Intrepdious police raid catches young hoods


There are enough exciting things to do in Houston that you don’t have to worry about the soaring price of airline tickets keeping you close to home .  With such a spectacular range of intriguing  places, people and activities in the Bayou City,  you can find new and daring things  to do every day of  every week.

An incredibly fun way to indulge your 5 senses in a place that calls itself the Bayou City  is on a magnificent  adventure on the bayou.  I  have fond memories of hanging out at  bayous and parks in my neighborhood when I was younger. It was the place where teenage boys gathered to subvert our fears of the water by hunting for turtles, fishing  and cajoling the girls into skinny dipping.  

 In a place that calls itself the Bayou City  an incredibly fun way to indulge your 5 senses is on a magnificent  adventure enjoying  the 300 plus miles of Bayou Greenways where hiking, biking and paddle trails connect  neighborhoods, neighbors and nature.

  You’re  never further than a few expressway exits from amazing destinations waiting for you to discover their brilliant treasures.  Whether your goals are to  awaken your creative spirit, incite your cultural intelligence or cuddle up with that someone special you can enjoy doing it on the bayou.

Bayou Greenways
Paddling Hike and Bike Trails Houston Waterways
More places for water recreation in Houston 

  • Armand
  • Brays Bayou
  • Buffalo Bayou
  • Carpenters Bayou
  • Cedar Bayou
  • Clear Creek
  • Cypress Creek
  • Greens Bayou
  • Halls Bayou
  • Hunting Bayou
  • Sims Bayou
  • Spring Creek
  • Vince Bayou
  • White Oak Bayou
    Armand Bayou
    The bayou still has a wild and primitive feel to it with a beautiful boardwalk and a canoe launch at Bay Area  Park which is close to Johnson Space Center.
    Brays Bayou
    This  watery  ribbon provides a greenway that winds through some of the scenic urbanized areas of Houston. It  will connect you with both MacGregor Park  and  Mason Park two of the city’s  largest  greenspaces. The brackish waters run into a stormwater detention pond at Arthur Storey Park.  It is a  multi-use facility  featuring amenities such as a Tai Chi court,  picnic pavilions and bird watching activities.  Greens Bayou
    Canoe on Greens Bayou 
    Greens Bayou is one of the few greenspaces  that still has   lots of its wilderness intact. Its  waterways are a gateway to the vast amount of recreational boating areas on the eastern edge of Houston.

    Cedar Bayou
    Park on Cedar Bayou

    Cedar Bayou is located in
    the eastern part of Harris County and flows southward from its headwaters in Liberty County to the saltwater marshlands  at Galveston Bay.

    Vince Bayou

    Occasional trees along the banks and some upland woods are part of the panoramic view along the 1 1/2 mile paddle trail.

Carpenters Bayou

Carpenter’s Bayou is home to cypress trees, bird rookeries and a few alligators in the protected habitat. It also  has hike and bike trails. Its waters are an integral part of the paddle trail that  flows southward from around Lake Houston and  merges into  Sheldon Lake State Park .

White Oak Bayou Hike and Bike Trail

A great trail  for walking,  cycling or  jogging. This is the bayou described above in the swimming hole raid led by police. Its paths are  wide and smooth with ample places to rest along the 8 mile path. It's pretty easy to connect with both the Heights Bike trail and  Memorial Park.  The Southern half is well lit for night riding
If you make it a point to be among the first people to enjoy the new bits and pieces of the trails as they are completed, you'll have no trouble finding a private alcove that's perfect for skinny dipping or a picnic for two.  
There are several more miles of hike and bike trails currently under development. Each of them will reveal fantastic new recreational opportunities and scenic views begging to be enjoyed.

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