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Houston networking is rich with A-list business contacts and savvy professionals who know the importance of networking with other colleagues. If you haven't made time on your busy schedule for networking. Let me toss you a few tips about attending and participating in some of the dozens of events sponsored by networking groups and organizations in Houston.

A Houston Networking Success Story

George Kleeman a former race director of the Houston Marathon details this Houston networking success story on their website. He was frustrated with coming up empty handed after going through many of the local sponsors and banks, trying to raise money for the race. One day after his daily run with a couple of friends and a new guy, who tagged along that day, he was discussing this problem. The new guy told George, "I think I might be able to help." Turns out the new guy was the Treasurer of Tenneco Oil, and with his help the marathon secured Tenneco as the title sponsor.

Networking events are designed to fit around the schedules of busy professionals. They can consist of any kind of event. An evening mixer, a club meeting in the mornings, or an afternoon luncheon. You can network on-line and off-line.

Just about every day of the week networking events are being held at local restaurants, clubs and meeting rooms in most Houston neighborhoods.

Networking Tips For Busy Professionals

Here are a few tips Eric Standlee recommends to networkers that frequent the events sponsored by the fantastic ning community InHouston.

1. Practice the "Golden Trifecta" - be appreciative, courteous, and respectful.
2. Extend a warm welcome to new members - a helpful and welcoming community benefits everyone.
3. Don't hesitate to ask for help or perspective - we're here to learn together.

Houston networking events are the ideal places to greet and meet with businesses and other professionals in Houston from your industry. It's cool to sharpen your elevator pitch and networking skills, but check your sales pitch at the door.

People who attend networking events are just like you and I. They want to let their hair down and socialize with other professionals and don't expect to have to fight off pit-bull style sales pitches all night.

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