Networking Events In Houston

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By now, the New Year jitters should have passed and it's high time you get your mingle on by connecting with other like minded professional at a few of the cool networking events in Houston. .

Some of my favorite events in Houston involve networking.


One group InHouston, has been twitting and texting about their March networking mixer, at the Tasting Room in Uptown Park. Their no cover, open mixer promises to explode your networking efforts.

Servant Leadership Seminar

Save a few business cards for the MBA Council of Houston's Seminar on Servant Leadership – The High Performance Link, March 6 at the University Hilton.

Their speakers will enlighten learners on "Servant Leadership". A leadership philosophy that has grown from the 70's buzz word coined by Robert Greenleaf, into a fledgling win-win organizational strategy, group mantra and personal journey for aspiring business leaders.

Houston Technology Center

If you'd like an early start, join the crew from the Houston Technology Center, March 2009, Open Coffee Club. If you're a late sleeper try dropping by their Start-up Houston Happy Hour.

Local Meetups

Maybe you prefer informal networking groups, try connecting with other community members through the local Meetup website.

That's where you'll find fellow adventurers, Buffy lovers, rock climbers and folks who are livid about art and meditation.

Networking 101

If you're new to this type of relationship building, here's what you can expect at a networking social.

They usually feature a leader or advocate to discuss issues that the group members have in common. Even at good power networking event, the atmosphere should be relaxed and conversations should flow easily and never be limited to strictly about business.

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