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One incredible Houston Networking opportunity this month will give everyone dreaming of breaking free from a dreaded 9 to 5 a quick inspirational boost. The new kid moves into the networking block this month, when the 1st Entrepreneur Camp sets up on August 7th at the Houston Technology Center.
The corporate types won't be out done, there is a big real estate conference and a power luncheon where they can sharpen their elevator pitch and hone the skills needed for social networking online.

Get Fired Up For Success At Houston's First Entrepreneur Camp

If you haven't seen their tweets, are stumbled upon their blog, let me fill in the blanks on the Camp concept. It's best described as an unconference. The format doesn't trash Robert's Rules, what it does instead is liberates them. Instead of the usual talking head, I speak, you listen event; the conversation flows around the room like it would at a camp fire.

It's high time local bootstrappers, home-based businesses and serial entrepreneurs had a chance to get together and create synergy and collaborate on success.

Houston Commercial Real Estate Conference

The Institute for Inner City Commercial Real Estate Development will host a Commercial Real Estate Conference, "Debunking the Myth 2009" at the University of Houston this week.

This conference is all about bringing quality commercial real estate development to the inner city. A panel of experts will cover how to spot commercial real estate trends and opportunities in the inner-city. Developers, retailers, investors, researchers and real estate professionals from across the country will be in Houston for to this informative day-long event.

Power Luncheon For Networkers

Another a great networking event for local business professionals is sponsored by InHouston. This dynamic business networking event will help you learn how to benefit from Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Myspace and other social media/networking sites.

Just when you thought that networking on Social media sites was just another fad, it broke free from the pack and is now a breeding ground for prosperous and profitable conversations. It reminds me of what happened with Rap music. It started with just a hand full of loyal followers before slowly melting into the fabric of American culture.

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