The Best Networking Events In Houston

People at Networking event
(Photo from recent inHouston event.)

If you are new to the Houston area or a experienced social networker, I've got the word on the best networking events in Houston.
I've checked-out some off-line activities where you can participate in locally held relationship marketing events that you'll want to add to your short list of things to do.

Meeting people off-line can help you make the most of the LinkedIn contacts you've developed and could be just the hook-up you need to jump-start a flat-lining career. Their online community is touted as the one platform everyone serious about networking should join and learn how to use.

One of the most popular networking events in Houston is sponsored by the crew over at inHouston. Many of them actively participate in LinkedIn. The inHouston's monthly professional business networking get togethers are held throughout the city. They're a great group to connect with online or off-line for anyone interested in being successful in relationship marketing.

Several other events where like-minded business people gather to share their experiences are hosted by the Houston Technology Center, 410 Pierce street, in Midtown Houston. I recommend the start-up Houston happy hour and sunrise Toastmaster meetings.

My hands down favorite is the UH Small Business Development Center, where you can pick-up the 411 on internet marketing from our local guru Dick Meyers. His post "One Social Network I Couldn't Work Without" pointed out LinkedIn is the one social network everyone should use.

Combining these awesome local networking events with your online social networking should get your name on the invite list of the best networking events in Houston, where you'll meet some of the finest folks on the planet.

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