Holiday In Houston

On any holiday in Houston you check out this list for fun things to do. You'll find plenty of Christmas, New Years, Mother's Day or even the 4th of July events happening in Houston and the surrounding areas.

People in Houston are always looking for a reason to break out the party favors and celebrate. Here's a look at some of the recognized holidays that people in Houston celebrate.  We also have a information for you to find out about the government and city of Houston services holiday schedules.

* 1 January - New Year's Day
*  January - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (3rd Monday of January, traditionally Jan. 15)
* 20 January - Inauguration Day
* 1 February - Super Bowl Sunday (currently the first Sunday of February)
* 2 February - Groundhog Day
* 14 February - Valentine's Day
* February - Presidents Day ( 3rd Monday of February)
* 25 February - Ash Wednesday (Christian; moveable based on Easter)
* February - Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
* 17 March - St. Patrick's Day (Christian)
* 20 March - Vernal Equinox (based on sun)
* 1 April - April Fools' Day
* 5 April - Palm Sunday (Christian; Sunday before Easter)
* 9 April - First day of Passover (moveable based on Jewish calendar)
* 10 April - Good Friday (Christian; Friday before Easter)
* 12 April - Easter Sunday ( Sunday after first full moon during spring)
* 13 April - Easter Monday (Christian; Monday after Easter)
* 16 April - Last Day of Passover (moveable, based on Jewish Calendar)
* 20 April - Patriot's Day/Marathon Monday (New England and Wisconsin only)
* 22 April - Earth   Day (last Wednesday in April)
* 24 April - Arbor Day (last Friday of April)
* 5 May - Cinco De Mayo (Mexican holiday often observed in US)
* 10 May - Mother's Day (2nd Sunday of May),
* 25 May - Memorial Day (last Monday of May, traditionally 30 May)
* 31 May - Pentecost Sunday (Christian; 49 days after Easter)
* 14 June - Flag Day
* 19 June - Juneteenth Celebration
* 21 June - Father's Day (3rd Sunday of June), Summer Solstice
* 4 July - Independence Day
* 22 August - First day of Ramadan ( moveable based on Lunar calendar)
* 7 September - Labor Day (first Monday of September)
* 11 September - Patriot Day
* 13 September - Grandparents Day (second Sunday of September)
* 19 September - Rosh Hashanah ( moveable, based on Jewish calendar)
* September - Last day of Ramadan (moveable based on Lunar calendar)
* September - Eid-al-Fitr/Day after the end of Ramadan
* 22 September - Autumnal equinox (based on sun)
* 28 September - Yom Kippur (9 days after Rosh Hashanah)
* 3 October - First day of Sukkot (moveable 14 days after Rosh Hashanaah)
* 9 October - Leif Erikson Day, Last Day of Sukkot (Jewish)
* 10 October - Simchat Torah ( moveable, 22 days after Rosh Hashanah)
* 12 October - Columbus Day (2nd Monday of October, )
* 30 October - Mischief Night
* 31 October - Halloween (Christian)
* 1 November - All Saints Day (Christian)
* 11 November - Veterans Day
* November - Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November)
* 27 November - Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving Day)
* 7 December - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
* 12 December - First day of Hanukkah ( moveable, check  Jewish calendar)
* 19 December - Last day of Hanukkah (moveable, check Jewish Calendar)
* 21 December - Winter Solstice (based on sun)
* 23 December - Festivus
* 25 December - Christmas
* 26 December - First day of Kwanzaa (celebrated until 1 January 2010)
* 31 December - New Year's Eve

Sorry Charlie Brown, your birthday isn't an official holiday in Houston, but wait till next year that might change. You can click on any of the dates above to see all the cool stuff Houstonians are doing on any given holiday in Houston.

If you're looking for a parade, a fireworks show or even places to view homes that are decorated with Christmas lights in Houston Midtownlive and the guides you'll find here will put you on top of fabulous things happening in the "Big H".If you have some details about things happening in your neighborhood, send us a note and we'll add it to our list. This holiday list is  based on information from that awesome Internet resource Wikipedia.

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