7 Fun Places In Houston To Take A Group During Christmas

As you look for places in Houston to take that group of restless spirits holed up at su casa, remember to share the reason for the season behind all of the holiday events.
The Christmas activities that I have chosen run the gambit from free events to cool art exhibit, and I even have an holiday activity that will burn a whole lota energy out of the feistiest group of kids.

List of 7 Cool Places To Visit In Houston

1. Uptown Galleria
2. Discovery Green(Cool Globes exhibit)
3. Ice Skating
4. Herman Park
5. Sam Houston Park
6. Woodlands Winter wonder land
7. Lights In The Heights

I know you'll have a goodtime if you visit one or more of these exciting places with any group, kids, seniors or adults, during the Christmas holidays in Houston. All of them offer plenty of fun for your bucks. Here's some discount coupons for groups that may save you a few more dollars.

I tried to include places that you can easily get to and fro from the major expressways in Houston. Since I know all the readers of Midtownlive don't live in Midtown Houston. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YA!

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