Juneteeth Celebrations In Houston

Juneteenth celebrations are all about reminding people that on June 19, 1865 slaves in Texas were finally released. On Jan. 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect, abolishing slavery for approximately 4 million African Americans. It wasn't until 1865 that Gen. Grainger and his troops arrived in Texas and read the announcement in Galveston that Texas planters released their slaves.

It's more than just an African American holiday. It's part of the fabric of Americana and everyone can join in celebrating this truly liberating moment in history. It's traditional to hold big Texas bar-b-cues, concerts and festivals.

Here's more information about this historic day.

Listen to former slaves talk about emancipation.

History of Juneteeth in Texas

Houston Events

Here's some of the things that are taking place in Houston, where several organizations have continued to champion this moment in history and sponsor activities that celebrate this Texas Holiday.

Emancipation Park

A Gulf Coast Juneteenth

Each year the Gulf Coast Juneteenth celebrates the music that is part of this region, and born of the ?incredible rich legacy of African-American culture. It showcases Blues, Gospel and Jazz.

Juneteenth at Miller Outdoor Theatre is one of the best free blues festivals in the world and one of the Houston's marquee events.

Juneteenth Gospel Celebration

The Juneteenth Gospel showcase features the African American gospel music heard in churches in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi and the rest of the Gulf Coast region, with performances by artist from all around the region.

These festivals are some the hottest events in the Bayou City that firmly stake Houston's claim as a top notch Gulf Coast city.

Here's a look at the the current artist and show times for this year's event celebrating Juneteenth at Miller's Outdoor Theater.

Texas Holiday

Juneteenth celebration was declared an official State holiday in Texas after former Texas Representative Al Edwards fought a hard won political battle and on June 1, 1980, 115 years after Texas slaves were freed, Juneteenth was officially recognized.

Here some of the places on the web where you can get more information about Juneteenth and the Emancipation Proclamation, two remarkable historic events.

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