Fun Things To Do In Houston During the Summer

If you haven’t been to see the friendly folks over at the Houston Zoo lately, you’re missing out on one of the things that excites animal lovers of all ages. Summer won’t be a fun Houston summer, unless you spend a day at the zoo.

If you are not familiar with Houston and aren’t sure where the zoo is located, you can ask anyone in town for directions to Herman Park. It sits just outside the Texas Medical Center in Midtown Houston and only a couple of Metrorail stops from downtown.

Exciting Things to Do

For those who are looking for something indoors or for a rainy day, check my past post of exciting things to see in Houston.

Things to See At The Houston Zoo?

This 55 acre paradise for wildlife is home to 4,500 animals that represent over 900 species. That should cover about of every kind of animal that you would ever want to see.

There’s ample room in all of the animal viewing areas, many are shaded and occasionally indoors and air conditioned.

Some of the fantastic animals that are native to the state and once roamed wild in early Texas are also on display at the zoological park, along with their exotic cousins, from all over the world.

Fun for Kids of all Ages

Don’t fret about kids that become hot and irritable, there’s a big water playground where they can cool off and beat the summer heat. Another fun thing to do, is to change gears with a slow relaxing walk pass the colorful tropical birds, the Wortham World of Primates, and a visit to the animals that everyone’s wild about, the big cats.

The zoo’s Carruth Natural Encounters is a haven for Koala bears. If you’re lucky during your visit you’ll get to meet the meerkats, maned wolves, and giraffes too. You should have been there in 2006, when Shanti, an Asian elephant gave birth to the "largest elephant calf ever delivered in a zoo".

There is still plenty to experience at the Houston zoo. Make sure you allow enough time for the children to the stop by the petting area where they can gain hands-on time and knowledge about sheep, goats and other domestic animals.

My Favorites Things to Visit

That’s right Houston’s zoo has lions, tigers and some of the biggest bears you have ever seen.

If you’re on a group outing and want to save some cash. Check out this link to ways to cut the cost on your visit

[Where:1513 N. MacGregor Houston, TX 77030]

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