Exciting Things To See In Houston Museums

(image Houston Museum of Natural Science)

These are exciting times. The Houston Museum District has several world class exhibits that are on display for residents and visitors to this metropolitan city. Just a Metro rail ride away from Midtown Houston, are two world class exhibits that everyone should see. Lucy’s Legacy: The Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia and Craft in America: Expanding Traditions.

Houston Museum Of Natural Science

The museum has put together a unique presentation characterizing the many species of early hominid that called Ethiopia home, culminating with the display of the world’s most famous fossil, Lucy. The importance of the exhibits stems from the fact that Lucy has only been shown in Ethiopia twice and our understanding of human origins has been based on fossil records.

These fossilized bones of our ancestors remain as the only tangible proof of those who preceded us on this planet. As we plot the discoveries on maps and tag them on a time line, we’ll better understand how we evolved.

[Where: One Hermann Circle Drive Houston, TX 77030]

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft


Craft in America: Expanding Traditions is a national phenomenon.

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is honored to be one of only seven venues in the U.S. selected to host this important exhibit.

It celebrates some extraordinarily skilled artists and recognizes their works as important pieces of history linking us to the very soul and essence of American culture.

The multi-faceted journey into the origins of crafts in American is comprised of a three-part PBS television series, a nationally touring museum exhibition, an illustrated book and a comprehensive Web site (

[Where: 4848 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002]

Houston Community College Central Fine Arts Calendar

HCC Central, in partnership with FotoFest 2008, presents an exhibition, Mind Over Matter: Enigmatic Variation, at HCC Central's Gallery, through April 8, 2008. The exhibit, devoted to the work of visual artists using digital media to explore Surrealism, is curated by Gregory Caslin And Associates.

These artists challenge assumptions of what constitutes "perceived reality." With its emphasis on the links between reality and dreams.

Surrealism holds a special appeal for photographers, whose essentially realistic medium can be used to create richly suggestive images. Digital "slight of hand" allows contemporary artists to conjure mysterious worlds that hover between the real and the fantastic.

This Midtown Houston exhibit runs in Central's Gallery,Austin at Holman now through April 8. HCC-Central Fine Art’s gallery is open Monday - Thursday, 9am to 9pm and Friday and Saturday, from 9am to 3pm.

[Where: 3517 Austin, Houston, Texas]

Help! The Oven Won’t Heat Up

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