Fun Things to Do in Houston This Summer?

Have you ever fed a lion? If you haven’t been to a zoo and fed a big cat, you’re missing out on one of the best treats for young and old animal lovers like.
Your summer in Houston won’t be the same once you visit the zoo.

Cat training is a unique experience that is one of the most exciting things you can ever do. This incredible event takes place daily before the Houston Zoo opens and it's available for animal lovers over 12 years old. You’ll feel like an animal expert after you have offered milk or even some meat from a training stick to one of the zoo’s wild animals.

Houston Zoo Conservation Projects

You may even get to look eye to eye with a Siberian tiger or snow leopard? They’re part of the forty conservation projects in which the Houston zoo participates, that assist in the survival of threatened wildlife and habitats.

These up-close and personal visits are available by special reservations and only allow 5 or 6 participants a day to accompany a Houston Zoo Ranger on a cat training experience.

The zoological park is known for providing fun visits that offer an inspirational experience, and there is no better way to do that than allow you to share in this unique opportunity.

Getting to The Zoo

If you are not familiar with Houston or you’re not sure how to get to the zoo, just ask anyone in the city for directions to Herman Park, which is where the zoo is located. It sits a few steps outside the Texas Medical Center in Midtown Houston and only a couple of Metrorail stops from downtown.

To get started on this exotic adventure, you’ll need to make reservations three or more weeks in advance. More details on the “Cat Training Experience” are available at

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