Walking Dinosaurs and Local Art on Display in Houston

dinosaur Eye
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The $20-million-dollar production “Walking with the Dinosaurs- The Live Experience” comes to Toyota Center now thru April 6th 2008.

“At the dawn of the age of the dinosaurs, the world was very different, according to,” Dr Jo Wright, scientific advisor of the BBC program “Walking with Dinosaurs”. The continents of the “Triassic Earth” were configured differently than today‘s land arrangements.

All the land masses on the planet, including Midtown Houston believe it or not, were joined together into one huge continent called Pangaea. It stretched from pole to pole and its central region was a vast inhospitable desert.

At the top of the food chain were the walking dinosaurs. Based on a BBC television series, “Walking with the Dinosaurs” the life-sized reproduction will feature 15 artistically created life-like dinosaurs, interacting in a realistic prehistoric setting created on the Toyota Center arena floor. Come learn their stories and marvel at the creatures who dominated the earth for 200-million-years.

If you want to see more about these fascinating creatures visit Prehistoric Life on the web. There you will find other articles, games and information on the dinosaurs from the BBC TV program.

Call 1-866-4-HOUTIX for more info.
[Where: Toyota Center 1510 Polk Houston TX ]

African American Art
Project Row House: Eclectic Installations
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Located just a few blocks east of Midtown Houston, are ten of the twenty-two row houses in the 2500 block of Holman that are dedicated to art, photography, and literary projects, by Project Row Houses. PRH’s work is founded on the principle that art and the community that creates it, can revitalize even the most depressed of inner-city neighborhoods, for the mutual good of existing and future residents.

It's inspired from the work of African-American artist, Dr. John Biggers, who,

celebrated the social significance of the shotgun house community in his paintings.
The current exhibit runs through June 24, “Round 26” "People, Places, and Things of the Northern Third Ward": includes photographers, digital media, installation and multi-media artists.

* Barsamian - Painter by Discipline, Installation Artist
* Thurman "T" Brown - Digital Media Artist, Photographer, Writer
* Ray Carrington - Photographer
* Rita Duffy - Painter, Belfast, Ireland
* J. Hill - Sculptor, Installation Artist, Oral Historian
* Lynne McCabe - Interdisciplinary Artist, Great Brittain

Their works engages viewers, by capturing residents of the community as they reflect and/or tell the stories of this important Midtown Houston area.
PRH’s artist community is worthy of your support. After a decade of successfully generating programs that combine arts and cultural education, historic preservation, and community development.

Project Row Houses is free and open to the public, Wednesday through Sunday, 12:00 - 5:00PM. Group tours can be scheduled by calling 713.526.7662.
[Where:2505 Holman Street, Houston TX]

Commuting Solutions in Houston

Kids in Red Car

If you carpool to work in the Texas Medical Center (TMC), Midtown Houston or even other participating cities, you can win a new car. But, you can’t win if you don’t enter the Challenge event.

This unique contest will reward you for carpooling. The rules for participating require that you simply register your carpool, and every ride sharing trip you record on the “NuRide” web site will give you one entry into the sweepstakes.
Whenever a million mile milestone has been reached, a winner will be randomly selected from all the entries recorded since the prior milestone. The winners of milestones 1-9 will receive a special reward provided by a sponsor plus a $500 Visa gift card. The winner at the 10 million mile milestone will win a hybrid car valued at up to $30,000!

If you live in Midtown Houston or work in the area and you would like to find a ride with a vanpool, carpool or NuRide, you can check the NuRide website to get the hook up with a group in your area.

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