Couples In Houston - Fun Summer Activities

There are lots of activities for couples in Houston that will rejuvenate, restore and regenerate relationships that may be celebrating anniversaries, honeymoons or just need a cool date idea . We have some fantiastic outings for husbands and wives that will super-charge that relationship that is languishing on the verge of ho-hum and hum-drum with a jolt of excitement.

The themes and snazzy names of these 5 popular summer activities will tantalize the mind and make it easier for you to find a fun-loving way to spend a few hours or an entire day with that someone special in your life.

Up and Away
Dancing in the Moonlight Cruise
Theater and Dining
Unique Houston Tour
Picnic in The Park

Up and Away - Hot Air Balloon Dates

Your Relationship will soar to new heights as the fragrant smell of the morning dew rising from blankets of wildflowers bath you in hot air balloon drifting through in the Southeast skies of Texas.

That are a small part of the memorable journey available for you and your husband, wife or significant other. The two of you will have a lifetime of benefits from the awesome romantic feeling awaiting those escaping earths’ lower atmosphere.
Several local companies in Houston are highly recognized as ballooning experts and can provide you with details about having a hot air balloon adventure.

Texas Air Adventures
Air Texas Balloon Adventures,
Bear Creek Balloons

Dancing In The Moonlight Cruise

Your next date or night on the town should include one of the incredible evening or nighttime cruises in Houston. They are great date ideas whether you’re the kind of couple that simply wants to kick-back at a premium bar with a delicious appetizer buffet or an active young lovers that enjoy engaging in a sultry salsa, tango or shaking your rump to the funk of a jamming DJ. Local cruises include trips to see several bodies of water in the area.

Tour Clear Lake
Kemah Boardwalk
Galveston Bay Cruise
Armand Bayou Canoe
Buffalo Bayou Boat Tours

A party on the water will boost those warm fuzzy feelings that are known to make the heart grow fonder. Your closeness and togetherness will be be enhanced once you have danced in the moonlight, sip Pina Coladas on the water or simply watched a sunset from the deck of a yacht .

Evening In The Theater District With Romantic Dining

Houston’s Theater District is home to one of the nation’s top symphony orchestras, opera company and ballet troupe. The district is made up of a collage of buildings that are reknown as music and performance venues.

Jones Hall
Wortham Theater
Hobby Center.
Zilka Hall

Houston couples are fortunate to able to experience world-class cultural entertainment without leaving the city. Combine an evening at the theater with some of the fine dining available in Downtown Houston and your night on the town will be one that the two of you will treasure for a the rest of your lives.

Unique Houston Tours For Houston Couples

How about taking your lover out for one of the believe it or not tours that on our “recommended list” as fun summer activities for couples in Houston. They are definitely not your daddy’s old school somebody-famous-ate-here tours. Their themes will tantalize the mind. They are offered by local sightseeing companies that know the city really well and know how to make details will give the two of you the 411 on some of the most interesting places around the city including the ones listed below.

Haunted Houston
Emerging bats
Pub crawls
Cemetery Tours

Did we mention that guided tours are a fantastic way for newcomers to the city to get acquainted with the local food, culture, and traditions.

Saturday in The Park - Places For Intimate Picnics

If you want a low budget getaway for two nothing can “fill that bill” better than a taking your loved one out to a local park for a intimate picnic. You can throw in a few the frills by including a carriage ride or packing some of the nice wines that come in a box or plastic bottle. No glass containers are allowed Houston parks. We list some of the parks that are seldom crowded, where large shade trees outnumber people and picturesque surroundings make them ideal for a summertime picnic for two.

Sam Houston Park
Tranquility Park
Market Square
Elisabeth Baldwin Park

We don’t need to tell you what to bring on your picnic in Houston , but insect repellent and a blanket or mandatory if you don’t want uninvited flying and crawling guest to spoil your Saturday in the park.

Any of the adventures on the list below and the above outings for couples in Houston will super-charge that new, old or platonic relationship that is languishing on the verge of ho-hum and hum-drum with a jolt of excitement.

Travel Adventures For Couples In Texas
Vacations Ideas For Couples In Houston

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