Unique Travel Adventures For Houston Couples

A unique travel adventure for Houston couples that want to see various places in Texas and around the world is through the Roads Scholar program. It brings together people who share lack passions and empowers them to explore the world’s places, peoples and cultures.

The Road Scholar programs goes beyond just visiting tourist attractions in Houston and bring together instructors and participants from diverse backgrounds to foster interaction, engaging discussions and warm camaraderie. It is best described as a fellowship of people who value combining learning and discovery with traveling.

Married couples, retired individuals and newly weds, are being enthralled with Roads Scholar hands-on experiences, that stimulate, energize and challenge their bodies and minds.

Texas Adventures

You can take part in one of the free-spirited outside-the-box adventures in Texas. Groups are taken on a journey to discover, experience, and learn about various Texas destinations. The take-aways are a better understanding of the state’s infinite history, and answers to the where, what, and the how-to's about Texas.

These travel opportunities introduces visitors to Texas landmarks, natural wonders and its myriad of cultures in a way that can’t be done on your own and at a level much deeper than offered by commercial tour operators. For more info visit:
Road Scholar-Texas ( Take a peak at these upcoming Texas adventures:

  • Adventures in the Cool Davis Mountains
  • Become a Marine Adventurer
  • Mystery Madness: Exploring Mystery in Literature and Film
  • Birding South Texas: Whooping Cranes to the Wild Horse Desert

Two other popular categories for travelers are the inter-generational adventures and African American inspired travel programs. They are a small sampling of the innovative itineraries Roads Scholars programs offer. You can expect stimulating lectures and trips that are packaged as part of an all-inclusive deal that includes accommodations, meals and more.

African American Inspired Travel Programs

The Roads Scholar programs turn ordinary trips into an extraordinary once in a lifetime memories. Their collection of activities are not only learning experiences for Black couples, they can enable you to actively promote the preservation of African American history, its heritage and culture.

Inter-generational Travel Adventures

These travel packages feature programs that encourage older and younger travelers within a family to take trips together. They are excellent for bridging the gap for grandparent and their grandchildren to discover, share and learn about the world. Each travel adventure will challenge them to see, taste, hear and do something new and different together.

Travel Ideas For African Americans

Traveling With Grand Children

Two upcoming African American inspired travel events include:

  • African American Influences in Creative Arts, Politics, Humor and Music (Montreat,NC)
  • Preserving the Works of author Ernest J. Gaines and Cajun & Creole Musicians (Lafayette,LA)

The activities that are chosen as part of the inter-generational programs appeal to multiple generations. A short list of the travel experiences include:
  • Age of the Dinosaurs in Southwest (Utah National Parks)
  • Rocky Mountain New Year: (Family Ski-In, Ski-Out Adventure in Park City)

Road Scholar will connect Houston couples who enjoy traveling with professionals from non-profits educational institutions, museums and universities around the world to provide high quality college level educational programing for travelers.

It a great way to interject entertainment, enrichment and excitement into your next vacation or trip. They have a ton of fun destinations, travel ideas and outdoor activities to show you how to enjoy traveling on a deeper level this summer and all year long.

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