Houston Couples- Things To Do This Weekend

Houston couples will find these tips on romantic and weekend getaways useful for having a fun filled budget-friendly trip. The benefits of escaping the city on weekends are innumerable. Any time lovers can get away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle they will find it is a rejuvenating experience for their mind, body and spirits.

If you’re one of the few married people who have survived the recent layoffs and cut-backs, you may find yourself unwittingly stressed out wondering if your position will be the next one on the chopping block.

For couples that have already been affected by the down-turn in the economy, a budget-friendly getaway can help them keep the stress monster in check.

Free Attractions And Discounts Passes

A short trip into the piney woods of East Texas, the beautiful beaches on the coast or a secluded place in the Texas Hill Country can get Houston couples far enough away from home to leave the worries behind, but close enough to head back in case of an emergency.

Here are a few tips to make sure the cost of your trip does not get out of hand and add to your stress.

  • Visit free attractions
  • Use coupons to get as many deals on lodging, food and admission as possible
  • Plan trips during popular festivals and celebrations
  • Participate in low cost recreational activities i.e.
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Biking
  • Save on lodging by staying with relatives and friends who live nearby

When leaving the city isn’t an option for you and your spouse, the best deals are discounts on local attractions with Houston CityPASS. It is a cost-effective discount booklet that saves you 41% on admission to the top attractions in town. You can save $$$ on your visit to any 5 of these funtastic places.

Space Center Houston
Downtown Aquariam
Houston Zoo
Museum Of Natural Science
Health Museum
Museum Of Fine Arts
Children Museum of Houston

General Travel Tips and Advice

A few tips from around the Internet on saving some moolah and making sure your next getaway includes plenty of FUN:

  • Sharpen your scheduling, by prioritizing the places you plan to visit, that way you can eliminate waiting time that can cause stress and save yourself a few precious hours.
  • Remember, you and your spouse don’t have to do everything in one weekend or a single day.
  • Be flexible in your planning so that your getaway remains relaxed and fun without feeling rushed.

Mini-Getaways In And Around Houston

Don’t underrate the value off just getting out of the house or neighborhood and doing simple things like spending some one-on-one time at free outdoor concerts and picnics for two.

Take your partner along to enjoy sitting on the grass or a blanket together while you get in a few chapters of that new book you just started reading.

If you only have a few hours late at night to spend with a loved one here’s an idea for a short intimate getaway. The two of you can enjoy stargazing near Houston by traveling to the beach or a park outside of the city limits away from the bright lights.

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